A Vision for the Valleys

When we planted Hill City Church almost 5 years ago, our passion was to be a church plant that plants churches. In my experience churches that aren’t committed to gospel expansion quickly move into consolidation mode (and consolidation is just another word for stagnation) Therefore, it was crucial that we established church planting as part of our DNA right from the off. A couple of years ago we identified nearby Garndiffaith as the first place we were going to plant and things are now moving forward with that vision at a rate of knots (more about that in another post!)

However, over recent months God has massively ramped up the whole church planting agenda to a whole new level. We were recently approached by a church leader representing several other churches in a different valley asking if we’d consider planting a church in a very notorious estate in their town. Interestingly, this estate has been on my radar for years and I already had a couple (joining us in September) who were prayerfully considering planting on that very estate!


I don’t think so!

There are several other similar communities and estates across the valleys that God has put on my church planting hit-list over the years. Now all of a sudden people are approaching me asking for help, wisdom and partnership in planting in these places. I have never known so many people who are passionate about planting in the valleys and who are willing to make huge sacrifices to make it happen (one couple are even relocating from Florida!)

It’s flippin’ exciting and I reckon God’s loving it!!

Anyway, this whole episode has caused me to take a step back and realise that I need to grab this moment by the scruff of the neck. Hill City is by no means a big, wealthy or impressive church, but we are passionate about Jesus, we’re not afraid to take risks and we are utterly committed to seeing the darkest, most broken communities in south Wales littered with communities of light. We genuinely have a Vision for the Valleys, and it’s a lot more than mere talk – it’s happening!

Therefore I’m bringing 2 things to the table for your consideration:

1. Vision for the Valleys Prayer Adventure

On Saturday 9th June I’m organising a valleys prayer adventure! This is not just for those who are wanting to plant with Hill City, it’s an open invitation for ANYONE who loves the valleys and is desperate to see them transformed by power of the gospel. The day will kick off with a prayer breakfast in Trevethin, followed by a minibus tour of the valleys stopping off in numerous villages, estates and communities (that are crying out for gospel-wielding churches to be planted) to meet local church leaders and to pray for God to move. The day will finish with a bag of chips and a time of worship at a church (venue to be confirmed). As you can probably imagine – I’m buzzin’ about this! Please consider this as your personal invitation to come and join us.

2. Gospel Trainee Programme

For those who feel strongly that they are called to be involved in pioneering gospel ministry in the valleys, whether as a church planter, member of a planting team, or just generally in evangelistic outreach, we’d love you to consider joining us at Hill City as a Gospel Trainee. What we have to offer is the following:

  • Opportunity to be actively involved in a range of front-line gospel ministries.
  • Acts 29 assessment for those who are exploring a call to church planting.
  • Training including Porterbrook Learning and leadership development.
  • Exposure to raw gospel community life in a pioneering context.
  • Personal mentoring / coaching.

This is not an option for the faint-hearted. It would require a commitment of at least a year and we are unable to offer any financial assistance to those who are up for it. However, we guarantee that it will change your life as you are challenged, stretched, provoked, equipped and inspired to live all-out on mission for Christ.

So there you have it – a Vision for the Valleys.

Why not join us on the adventure?