Month: July 2012

Priority + Gravity: Lecrae in the UK

As a member of Acts 29 Western Europe, it’s been a real privilege to be involved in the organisation of a series of exciting events set to take place in Manchester on 22nd September. Both events will feature award-winning US rapper Lecrae.

The first event is Priority – a conference for those with an “itch” for church planting and gospel mission to further explore what the future might hold for them. The second event is an evening concert at which Lecrae will launch his new album, Gravity.

I’ll be posting A LOT more info on this conference in the coming weeks. In the meantime check out the flyer below, and if it sounds like something you could be interested in, get yourself booked in cos the tickets are going to sell out FAST!!

For more information check out the Facebook page here.


Christ Throughout the Bible

I can’t remember exactly when the last time I went to Soul Survivor was. It was sometime in the late 90’s. I only remember 2 things about the event – firstly that I was there with Michelle. Secondly, that the main speaker that week was Louie Giglio. We’d never heard of him before, but each day his Bible teaching totally blew our socks off.

However, for both myself and Michelle, our strongest memory of that week was the last sung worship session after Loiue’s final message. During one of the songs, Louie came back on stage and in a moment of Holy Spirit inspiration he walked us through the whole Bible, showing us Jesus in every single book, exalting Him as the central figure of Scripture. The One who it’s all about.

I recently found a transcript of Loiue’s rant online and thought I’d post it here

Hope it’s a blessing to you: (more…)


Tomorrow I am privileged to to be speaking at Headlight – an open day event at WEST that is being run in conjunction with WEST, Ignite and SOW. Essentially Headlight is all about getting stuck into God’s Word (one of my favourite subjects) and I’ve got the job of unpacking the subject of Finding Jesus in the Old Testament. It promises to be a fantastic day, so if you’re free, why not join us? The details are below.

You can also visit the Facebook page here.

Hill City GT Progrmamme

This is a post specifically for anyone who has an itch for gospel ministry and is wondering what to do next with their lives. If that describes you, then the Hill City GT (Gospel Trainee) programme might just scratch where you’re itching.

The GT programme is specifically geared towards those with a passion for pioneering gospel ministry in the valleys, whether as a church planter, member of a planting team, or just generally in evangelistic outreach. Here’s what we have to offer:

  • Opportunity to be actively involved in a range of front-line gospel / church planting ministries.
  • Involvement with Acts 29 Western Europe network, conferences and training events.
  • Acts 29 assessment for those who are exploring a call to church planting.
  • Training including Porterbrook Learning and leadership development.
  • Exposure to raw gospel community life in a pioneering context.
  • Personal mentoring / coaching.
  • A good time.

This is not an option for the faint-hearted. It would require a commitment of at least a year and we are unable to offer any financial assistance to those who are up for it. However, we guarantee that it will change your life as you are challenged, stretched, provoked, equipped and inspired to live all-out on mission for Christ. We’re looking for people to join us from September, so get in touch if you’re interested.



An Evening With Garin Jenkins

On Saturday 21st July we are delighted to welcome Wales’ most capped hooker, Garin Jenkins, to Pontypool. Garin is a rugby hero in Pontypool having won his first cap when playing for Pooler. However, there is more to Garin than rugby and his larger than life personality (though there will be plenty of that on Saturday). Garin also has a strong faith in Jesus Christ and we will be hearing about that on Saturday night too. We are also thrilled that Graham Daniel (Director of Christians in Sport and former pro footballer) has agreed to come and share with us on Saturday too. The evening will be very laid back and informal.

This exciting event is taking place at Mount Pleasant Church in Pontypool Town Centre. The doors open at 6pm and it is completely free of charge.

Refreshements are provided.

All are welcome.

Hopefully see you there.

Check out the event at our Facebook page here.

Nefarious: the Aftermath

It’s safe to say that watching Nefarious: Merchant of Souls last week has had a powerful and a significant impact on my wife and I. Just last night, Michelle came to me in tears asking if we could pray as the plight of the child prostitutes in Cambodia (amongst other places) continued to weigh on her mind and break her heart. We wept and cried out to God together for mercy, justice and the light of the gospel to shine out in these dark, deviant places. I’m sure the film has affected many in a similar way.

Those who follow me on Twitter could not have missed the stream of devastating facts that I tweeted last week about the scale and the scandal of sex trafficking in the world right now. In case you missed them, here they are again:


Jacob’s Story

Another video on the theme of sex-trafficking.

Jacob’s Story is the real-life story of a man sucked into the world of sex trafficking, the gospel that set him free, the cost of standing up to the criminal underworld and the grace that he still needs on a daily basis to get on with his life. The video has been produced by Unearthed who are also well worth checking out. Again, it’s harrowing, but ultimately hope-inducing!

[vimeo 31795904]

If you live in South Wales and this issue challenges you, why not come to The Gate in Cardiff tomorrow evening for the screening of Nefarious: Merchant of Souls? Find out more about that here.


10 Years of Grace

Today my wonderful wife, Michelle, and I celebrate 10 years of marriage. By God’s grace they have been the best 10 years of my life (by a long shot) and they have only got better and more beautiful the more we have grown together in the the love of Christ. We don’t have the perfect marriage (who does?) and I certainly don’t consider myself to be a marriage expert, but I do believe that in ten years you learn some key stuff. So I want to use this brief post to sum it all up in one thought:

Build your marriage on the gospel and you won’t go far wrong!

Because of the Father’s love, the example of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirt we are today celebrating 10 years of beautiful, faithful and fruitful marriage, and God has to be the One who gets all the glory for it. It is God who saved us, called us, brought us together and holds us together. Don’t get me wrong, we love each other to bits and our kids mean the world to us, but absolutely and unashamedly we love Christ first and foremost. The overflow of our upward love (worship) is an abundance of outward love to each other, our children, our church and others.

So 10 years on, my love for Michelle is deeper than ever and our marriage is stronger than ever.


Because Christ is faithful, His gospel still works, His grace is sufficient and His love endure forever.

Diolch Iddo!

All glory to Him!

(Thought it would be good to post this track I wrote several years ago. The second verse is all about my love for Michelle. If you like it you can download it here.)

Nefarious: Merchant of Souls

An issue that Michelle and I have been deeply stirred by over recent months is that of the sex slave trade. The trafficking of humans, including young children, for sex is a devastating global epidemic that has been flourishing in the shadows for far too long. Over recent years, however, light has been shed on just how huge and truly harrowing this issue now is. There are now over 27million slaves worldwide (almost 10 times the population of Wales). And this is not an issue that only exists in the poverty-stricken corners of the third world. Sex trafficking is rife in the UK. Women and children are being sold for sex in Wales RIGHT NOW!

In short, it is time for evasive action.

Things must change.


With that in mind, I’d like to invite you to join us in attending the screening of a powerful, provocative and ultimately hope-inducing film that is showing in Cardiff next week (as well as various other places around the UK). The film is called Nefarious: Merchant of Souls. You can check out the trailer here:

[vimeo 26792244]

The film is showing on Tuesday 10th July at The Gate Arts & Community Centre at 7pm and is free to attend. As you would expect of a film that addresses this kind of subject matter, it is only suitable for those over 18 years old. More information about the event can be found here. Similarly, you can find out more about the vision behind the film and the global impact it’s having here.

Like I said, God has really laid this whole issue on our hearts, so expect more posts and videos in the weeks and months ahead.

Hopefully see you at the Gate.

“He has told you, O man, what is good;
and what does the Lord require of you
but to do justice, and to love kindness,
and to walk humbly with your God?”

– Micah 6 v 8