Cornerstone Church Liverpool: The Story of a Church Replanted

A few weeks ago my good friend and Acts 29 brother, Steve Robinson, visited to South Wales to speak at our final Porterbrook gathering of the year. He also preached at Hill City Church, which was also a HUGE blessing to us.

Steve is the pastor of Cornerstone Church in Liverpool (formerly Ramillies Road Church) and during one of his Porterbrook sessions he played us a video that tells the remarkable story of how the church has changed over recent years from a small, struggling congregation to a growing, vibrant, exciting community of grace on mission for Jesus in Liverpool.

For me the most remarkable part of the story (and the reason I want to share the video here) is the role of the elders of the church who recognised that things needed to change, and rather than getting defensive or bitter, took the brave step of bringing in a young man with a load of vision and a passionate young team to ‘re-plant’ the church. In my experience such courage and humility is VERY rare in churches these days, so I want to declare my utmost respect and appreciation for those men, as well as my gratitude for Steve, his family and all at Cornerstone Church, Liverpool.

Please enjoy the film, and keep these guys in prayer.

[vimeo 38014983]