The Hard Corps: Endorsed by Gary Smith

Here’s what my very good friend, Gary Smith, CEO of Ignite and co-author of 7 Myths of Youth Ministry, said about the Hard Corps

“Dai Hankey is a man’s man. I mean he is an attentive husband and a doting father but he’s not big into hugs from blokes, is not a fan of the power ballad and has never eaten quiche. This book is not just one of his customary rants – it’s so much more. It’s a biblical manifesto of what it means to be a man of God. I loved this book and was challenged by it. However for me it represented more. Over the years I have know him, Dai and I have shared a journey together as we have met at events, conferences and coffee shops. We discussed not only the white knuckle warriors in the book but men who we knew that were being taken out by the roaring lion. I think this book should become essential reading for Christian men. Then not only will less be devoured by the sneaky beast but more often he will get the kicking he deserves from the newly empowered army flexing the Kingdom muscles they exercised as a result of treating this as a training manual that it truly is. Buy one for yourself and then one for every bloke you are doing life with.”

You can pre-order a copy of the book from the Good Book Company here.

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