New Porterbrook “Testimonies” Video

So last month we concluded the first year of Porterbrook Cardiff. I think it’s fair to say that it was a huge success with 40+ students completing the course. From my perspective (having done the course myself for the first time) it was incredibly helpful in helping me to think through what it means to be part of a community on mission together. The material was very stretching, theologically robust, at times provocative and yet ultimately encouraging. Check out this short video that lets some of our students explain in their own words how Porterbrook has helped them:

We are now enrolling new students for 2012/13 for both the foundational year and also the advanced year. If you are looking for a mission-focussed theology course that you can do in your own time and in your own context, you need to sign up for Porterbrook Cardiff. You can sign up and get more information here.

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