Hankey Adventures Pt.2: Bangor, Northern Ireland

So we had a great time at Souled Out. It was so encouraging to see God at work in the lives of so many young people, and for myself and Michelle to have been able to have been part of the ministry was especially precious. The word on the street is that Michelle’s girls seminar on Sex and Relationships was out of this world, which is a testimony to God’s grace in light of the week that she had just had (her nan was taken seriously ill on the weekend and Michelle had to return to Cardiff to visit her). The kids had a blast and stayed healthy ALL week (answered prayer) and it was refreshing to hook up with old friends, not least Owain and Sian, Meryl, Jon Thomas and the Llwyd brothers.

However, our time in Bala is now over and it’s time for part 2 of the Hankey family adventure – and this time we get to take the kids on the ferry!

Yep! We’re popping up to Holyhead, jumping on the ferry, heading over to the emerald isle and then driving up to Bangor on the coast of Northern Ireland. Our destination is Mitchell manor (not really a manor, just a house!) We are buzzin’ that we get to stay with our friends Glen and Janine Mitchell who have graciously agreed to host the Hankey clan alongside their own tribe (they have 4 kids too!) Glen is one of my fellow Acts 29 Western Europe compadres and serves as the pastor of King’s Church┬áin Bangor. It’s going to be nuts, but it’s also going to be fun as both the Hankeys and the Mitchells clearly LOVE big family mess and madness. This week is going to be much more of a holiday for us and we can’t wait! Please pray that it will be a time of blessing and mutual encouragement for both of our families. Please also pray for a safe journey.

Another thing I’d value prayer for is this coming Sunday morning as Glen has (bravely) asked me to preach at King’s! It’s a huge privilege to do so. Please pray that God would us me to bless, challenge and encourage the fellowship there.


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