Priority Conference Schedule

Proper buzzin’ to be involved in bringing Lecrae to the UK later this month. I’m especially excited about the Priority conference that he’s speaking at during the day on September 22nd. Here’s what the day is going to look like:

09:30 Registration

10:00 Welcome + Worship

10:30 Session 1. Gospel Priority Men // Lecrae

11:15 Coffee

11:45 Session 2. Gospel Priority Churches // Duncan Forbes

12:30 Lunch (bring/buy your own)

13:30 Worship + Prayer

14:00 Q+A // Lecrae, Leonce + Pastor Efrem

14:30 Seminars *

15:30 Coffee

16:00 Session 3. Gospel Priority Areas // Steve Timmis

16:45 Worship

17:00 Close

* Seminars

  1. Music, mission and gospel integrity // Pastor Efrem Buckle
  2. Building bridges – the gospel & cultural diversity // Pastor Leonce (Lecrae’s Pastor)
  3. The Hard Corps – combat training for the man of God // Dai Hankey
  4. I’ve got the gospel itch – so what do I do now? // Steve Robinson
  5. Gospel Priority Girls – the role of godly women in gospel ministry. // Sian Robinson, Clare Lawson, Mandy Crager

As you’d expect, tickets are selling fast for Priority. You can get your tickets here.

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