The Hard Corps: Endorsed by Mez McConnell

Mez McConnell is one of the most inspiring church planters I know. He leads Niddrie Community Church on the Niddrie housing scheme in Edinburgh and is committed to seeing a shed-load more churches planted on similar schemes across Scotland. His testimony is compelling (check out the video below) and also his book). His blog is essential reading too. Here’s what he had to say about the Hard Corps:

“To be honest, when I saw the title of this book, my heart sank as I thought, “Oh no, not another one of these gung-ho let’s all be bare chested Christian, male, super heroes” type of books that seem to be all the rage in certain circles these days. I am glad to say, however, that in this case I was happy to be very wrong. This is a warm, witty and practical book that could be used significantly as a study guide with young male believers in our churches. Based on king David’s ‘Mighty Men’ each of the 7 chapters offers us some insight into how to live the Christian life boldly, confidently and adventurously for the glory of Jesus. The language is decidedly quirky, simple and yet warmly engaging as the author challenges men to stand up and be counted as disciples of Jesus Christ. Each chapter is followed by a set of questions to help us think through the issues discussed and to consider relevant scriptures to the topic at hand. As the author so eloquently puts it: “Let’s be men who leave behind us a legacy of grace-changed lives. And may Christ the King get all the glory for it.” A good tool for young men and warmly recommended.”

Here’s Mez’s testimony:

[vimeo 48528415]

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