7 Reasons I’m buzzin’ this September

So after an enjoyable summer break (especially our holiday to Northern Ireland) September is now well and truly underway, and there are 7 reasons that I’m buzzin!

1. Twins Birthday

Today we celebrate the double birthday of our beautiful twins Ezra and Anastasia who are 2 years old! It’s crazy how time has flown since that phenomenal day in 2010 when this beautiful tag team entered our lives in one of the most mind-blowing moments our family has known. Along with our other 2 beauties these guys have brought so much fun and laughter to our home. I’m a blessed man to have a quiver-full of such awesome arrows! Happy Birthday guys!

2. Launch of a New Porterbrook Term

A few weeks ago it looked like we were going to be unable to run Porterbrook Cardiff this year due to low numbers. However, by God’s grace we now ┬áhave had to order extra books. Personally, I’m excited to get my teeth stuck into the material for the advanced year.

3. Hill City’s 5th Birthday Celebration

Next Sunday (16th) Hill City Church are going to be celebrating 5 years (to the day) since our first ever church service in Trevethin – a very simply service that involved me, Michelle, a 1 year old Elen and Boaz (our old dog)! By God’s grace things have really changed since then! Seeing people saved and growing in grace is EPIC and we intend to celebrate with sung worship, stories of grace, more baptisms and a fat munch! You’d be welcome to join us!!!

4. Hill City Baptism Service

Like I said, we thought one of the best ways we could celebrate 5 years of Hill City Church is baptising more new believers. So 7pm at Pontypool Leisure Centre – that’s what we’re going to be doing! This is particularly exciting as we’ve already got the baptism bug following our Garn plant’s first baptism service last Friday! God is good!

5. Official Launch of the Hard Corps

Dunno if you guys had picked this up – but I have a new book being launched this month. The Hard Corps is being released for general sale on 22nd September. I AM VERY EXCITED! That is all. Stay tuned for an epic promotional video!

6. Priority Conference

One of my favourite Christian artists is the rapper Lecrae, so you can imagine how stoked I am to be involved in bringing him over from the US to speak at a conference that we are organising as Acts 29 Europe. Lecrae’s lyrics have always inspired me, but I’ve never heard him preach before, so really looking forward to that! As well as Lecrae we also have Pastor Leonce (Lecrae’s pastor), Duncan Forbes and Steve Timmis speaking. Gonna be a great day! (Why not join us?)

7. Gravity Album Launch

Last week Lecrae launched his new album ‘Gravity’ which shot to the top spot of the iTunes chart. The album is a certified banger that I have been duly rinsing ever since I downloaded it. However, live performances are a whole other ball game and having never had the privilege of catching Lecare live, I’m proper looking forward to topping off a great day by enjoying his live set!



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