Don Brewster and Agape International Missions #FREEDOMFRIDAY

0I was first introduced to Don Brewster when I watched the Nefarious movie last year – a film event that has radically affected my life in many ways. While there was much in the film that was heart-wrenching and emotionally devastating, the stories of little girls being trafficked and raped in the brothels and karaoke bars of Cambodia, for me at least, was the most hard-hitting part of the film. However, while the stories of these young girls was harrowing in the extreme, the fact that they were told by Don Brewster (CEO and founder of Agape International Missions) meant that there was a real sense of hope for those girls. The tender way that he spoke of and treated the girls he was committed to rescuing deeply affected both myself and Michelle. He simply radiates the gospel love of Jesus.

FREEDOM FRIDAYI would love it if you would pray for the work of Agape International Missions and for Don, his wife and their team. Perhaps you might even be interested in supporting them financially. If so, please let me have your email address and I’ll put you in touch with the person to contact about that. I want to leave you with 2 videos that I found on YouTube that offer profound hope and joy. The first is of a trafficker whose life was transformed by the gospel. The other is the story of a girl whose was successfully rescued and whose life has now been thoroughly redeemed.

Glory to God!

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