Month: February 2013

Sign the Petition! #FREEDOMFRIDAY

UnknownThis week’s Freedom Friday post is a VERY simple request. A few weeks ago my friends at Ignite, as part of their #NotOnMyWatch campaign, introduced a simple petition that urges the Welsh Assembly Government to do all within its power to combat human trafficking and modern-day slavery in Wales.

The petition is worded thus:

“We call upon the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to do all within its power to make Wales free from the illegal activity of people trafficking and slavery.”

If that resonates with you, and if you haven’t already, then please do sign the petition It can be found here. It will only take a few moments of your time but would be a significant demonstration of support for this campaign. You haven’t got to be a Welsh resident and your putting your name down certainly DOES count. Your voice counts!

Thanks for standing with us in this.

God bless.

Redemption Sessions #FREEDOMFRIDAY

The campaign to stand against human trafficking continues at pace in South Wales right now. It’s actually quite startling how many different Welsh churches, ministries and individuals are playing their part in the war! Last week I was honoured to preach at the launch of Ignite’s #NotOnMyWatch campaign. Today, I am buzzin to be launching a new part of the campaign – a campaign of prayer and intercession:

Redemption Sessions

Redemption Sessions is born out of the firm belief that the key to confronting and defeating an issue as evil, as massive and as seemingly insurmountable as 27 million people in slavery, is crying out to God in faithful, fervent prayer (James 5 v 16). So Redemption Sessions is a new monthly prayer event that seeks to do just that. By connecting with those who are working with prostitutes on the streets and in the brothels of Cardiff, as well as getting up to date information from agencies tackling slavery and trafficking around the globe, we will be praying timely, informed and strategic prayers for the trafficked, the exploited and the enslaved.

The first of the Redemption Session is 8pm tonight at Belmont Baptist Church, Tremorfa, Cardiff.

It’s free.

It’s crucial.

Come and join us if you can.

#NotOnMyWatch – My Preach

photo-82For those who are interested, I have posted the mp3 of my preach from last Friday evening. It was an incredibly emotional evening, as I expected that it would be, yet I am in no doubt that God was present and people were deeply affected by the call to do justice in His Name. I really knew God’s help as I preached on the issue of trafficking for the first time. I don’t normally post my own sermons up here on the rant, but there has been so much interest in this particular message and this particulat issue that I thought I’d make an exception. Unfortunately the recording from the sound desk failed, but a mate of mine happened to record it from the floor. Therefore, it’s not studio quality, but it’s still a pretty decent sound (thanks Ian!)

You can listen online or right-click and download.



A personal invitation to #NotOnMyWatch #FREEDOMFRIDAY

not-on-my-watch-logoThis week’s Freedom Friday post is quite simply a personal invitation for you to join myself and the Ignite team at the official launch of #NotOnMyWatch in Cardiff TONIGHT!

As you are no doubt aware, human trafficking is a massive issue for me right now. An issue that God has burned deep into my soul. I have blogged about it. Tweeted about it. Even rapped about it. But have never preached about it…until tonight! I am so humbled, honoured, excited and expectant to be opening up God’s Word tonight and exploring God’s heart for the oppressed and the enslaved. I am excited to be gathering with God’s people as we cry out and make ourselves available to the God of Mercy. I am excited to see an army of Welsh freedom fighters rise up in the name of justice and liberty and respond in countless, creative and courageous ways. I am excited about the launch of a petition to Welsh Assembly government that we are promoting. I am excited about the new #NotOnMyWatch website that will be going live tonight. I am exciting about the resource packs for raising awareness in schools and churches that we are launching tonight.

And I’d be excited if you were able to join us too!

Historically Ignite have focussed on working with young people, but tonight’s event is OPEN TO ALL!

Therefore, you’re invited!

Here’s all the info you need:

Venue: Rhiwbina Baptist Church

Time: 7:30-9:30

Featuring: The Ignite Band, Going Public Theatre Co. Myself.

Cost: £3

Please make it if you can! Let’s make a stand together as a Voice and an Army of Light who will look the grotesque injustice of trafficking and slavery in the eyes and declare with holy violence:


Nefarious: Merchant of Souls #FREEDOMFRIDAY

Ticket graphic

This week’s Freedom Friday post is as much an invitation as a wedge of information. In case you missed it – my wife, Michelle, and I are incredibly passionate about standing against human trafficking. For Michelle the story began about 2 years ago. For myself it all started with a dramatic encounter with God last year (more about that in a later post). However, after God had burdened me to such an extent that I had no doubt that I was to be actively, personally involved in confronting the issue, along came the screening of a film in Cardiff that literally wrecked me!

I blogged about the effect that Nefarious: Merchant of Souls had on me here. I firmly believe that ALL Christians 9over the age of 18) should watch this film. Why? Because when it comes to the very real and very urgent issue of modern day sex slavery, too many of us have lived in blissful ignorance for too long. This film looks at the true scale of this vile, twisted global “rape for profit” industry. It opens eyes, breaks hearts, plants seeds of hope and demands a response!

I am blogging about it today as a means of emphatically inviting you (if you’re 18+)to join me and the Ignite team at a special screening of Nefarious this coming Monday (4th February) at Woodville Road in Cardiff. Doors open at 7pm.

This opportunity is open to all, and entry is free.

Check out the trailer below, clear your diary and hopefully see you there!