Nefarious: Merchant of Souls #FREEDOMFRIDAY

Ticket graphic

This week’s Freedom Friday post is as much an invitation as a wedge of information. In case you missed it – my wife, Michelle, and I are incredibly passionate about standing against human trafficking. For Michelle the story began about 2 years ago. For myself it all started with a dramatic encounter with God last year (more about that in a later post). However, after God had burdened me to such an extent that I had no doubt that I was to be actively, personally involved in confronting the issue, along came the screening of a film in Cardiff that literally wrecked me!

I blogged about the effect that Nefarious: Merchant of Souls had on me here. I firmly believe that ALL Christians 9over the age of 18) should watch this film. Why? Because when it comes to the very real and very urgent issue of modern day sex slavery, too many of us have lived in blissful ignorance for too long. This film looks at the true scale of this vile, twisted global “rape for profit” industry. It opens eyes, breaks hearts, plants seeds of hope and demands a response!

I am blogging about it today as a means of emphatically inviting you (if you’re 18+)to join me and the Ignite team at a special screening of Nefarious this coming Monday (4th February) at Woodville Road in Cardiff. Doors open at 7pm.

This opportunity is open to all, and entry is free.

Check out the trailer below, clear your diary and hopefully see you there!

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