A personal invitation to #NotOnMyWatch #FREEDOMFRIDAY

not-on-my-watch-logoThis week’s Freedom Friday post is quite simply a personal invitation for you to join myself and the Ignite team at the official launch of #NotOnMyWatch in Cardiff TONIGHT!

As you are no doubt aware, human trafficking is a massive issue for me right now. An issue that God has burned deep into my soul. I have blogged about it. Tweeted about it. Even rapped about it. But have never preached about it…until tonight! I am so humbled, honoured, excited and expectant to be opening up God’s Word tonight and exploring God’s heart for the oppressed and the enslaved. I am excited to be gathering with God’s people as we cry out and make ourselves available to the God of Mercy. I am excited to see an army of Welsh freedom fighters rise up in the name of justice and liberty and respond in countless, creative and courageous ways. I am excited about the launch of a petition to Welsh Assembly government that we are promoting. I am excited about the new #NotOnMyWatch website that will be going live tonight. I am exciting about the resource packs for raising awareness in schools and churches that we are launching tonight.

And I’d be excited if you were able to join us too!

Historically Ignite have focussed on working with young people, but tonight’s event is OPEN TO ALL!

Therefore, you’re invited!

Here’s all the info you need:

Venue: Rhiwbina Baptist Church

Time: 7:30-9:30

Featuring: The Ignite Band, Going Public Theatre Co. Myself.

Cost: £3

Please make it if you can! Let’s make a stand together as a Voice and an Army of Light who will look the grotesque injustice of trafficking and slavery in the eyes and declare with holy violence:


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