Redemption Sessions #FREEDOMFRIDAY

The campaign to stand against human trafficking continues at pace in South Wales right now. It’s actually quite startling how many different Welsh churches, ministries and individuals are playing their part in the war! Last week I was honoured to preach at the launch of Ignite’s #NotOnMyWatch campaign. Today, I am buzzin to be launching a new part of the campaign – a campaign of prayer and intercession:

Redemption Sessions

Redemption Sessions is born out of the firm belief that the key to confronting and defeating an issue as evil, as massive and as seemingly insurmountable as 27 million people in slavery, is crying out to God in faithful, fervent prayer (James 5 v 16). So Redemption Sessions is a new monthly prayer event that seeks to do just that. By connecting with those who are working with prostitutes on the streets and in the brothels of Cardiff, as well as getting up to date information from agencies tackling slavery and trafficking around the globe, we will be praying timely, informed and strategic prayers for the trafficked, the exploited and the enslaved.

The first of the Redemption Session is 8pm tonight at Belmont Baptist Church, Tremorfa, Cardiff.

It’s free.

It’s crucial.

Come and join us if you can.

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