In Memory of Gareth Kingdon


This afternoon myself and Michelle attended a celebration service for Gareth Kingdon, a friend of ours from back in our Cardiff days who recently died. Gareth was a member of the team who worked with teenagers in St.Mellons on the Urban Sanctuary bus, and it was on the Urban Sanctuary that Gareth met Clare, who he went on to marry. There is much that I could write about Gareth – his irresistible faith in Jesus, his love for his wife, his creative flair, his commitment to kids club, his infectious laugh, his immense courage in the face of cystic fibrosis…

But Gareth was a photographer. Not just a photographer, but a special photographer whose love for Jesus and passion for justice collided to bring about a remarkable career in documentary photography, for which he won several awards. He was especially passionate about those living in poverty in Africa and India.

Therefore I think one of the best ways to honour Gareth’s memory is to encourage you to visit his website, take in the photos and enjoy his exceptional work. Perhaps something of his faith and his gospel heart for the poor will rub off you. It has certainly had that affect on me and Michelle.

You can find Gareth’s work here:

As you view the images please do pray for the communities that they represent.

Please also pray for his wife Clare as she adjusts to life without this precious man of God alongside her.

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