iPhone Drive for Cambodia #FREEDOMFRIDAY

AIMSomething that I am asked again and again as I bang the anti-slavery drum is “apart from prayer, what can I do to help practically?” Obviously, prayer is HUGE, but I do totally understand the desire to actually do something tangible and “hands-on” to wage war against the vile giant of human trafficking.

Well, at last I have something very practical to suggest…

Ever since watching Nefarious I’ve had massive love for Agape International Missions (AIM). In the face of a culture of devastating sexual exploitation and child prostitution in Cambodia, AIM are right in the thick of it – literally rescuing vulnerable women and precious children from a savage existence of despicable rape-for-profit abuse.

Sincerely, ANYTHING that can be done to support this fantastic ministry should be done.

Which is why I’m BUZZIN to be able to share with you a very real and very exciting opportunity that my friend at AIM H.Q. emailed me about earlier…

“Dear Pastor Dai, I am saying prayers and praises over you and the body of Hill City this morning… 

You might have heard of uncover operations where people smuggle their camera phones in to brothels to gain information to take down trafficking rings. Now [YOU] have a chance to help with our operations. Would [YOU] be willing to do an iPhone drive so we can equip our investigators?

Doing an iPhone drive would help us rescue girls trapped in slavery and would be a great, hands on way for [YOU] to help fight trafficking!”

da85fd87cf6a9c0b6c839c64761987b95cc85848How cool is that?! Donate your old iPhone and put it in the hands of a brothel smasher in Cambodia! Seriously, if you’re due an upgrade (or even if you’re not) why not put your old handset to good use? The models that they are ideally looking for are the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S. If this is something that you feel you might be able to do to support AIM’s cause in Cambodia, please send your old iPhone handset to address below. Be sure to include your own contact details so that they can send a receipt of safe delivery:

Agape International M (USA office)
1830 Vernon St, Ste 9
CA 95678
United States os America


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