Don’t miss the bird song


Things have been crazy busy at the Hankey house this week. Not only have I had a lot on with ministry, but the kids have been sick, Anastasia especially, which has pretty much consigned Michelle to being at home nursing her, leaving me to do the bulk of school runs, trips to the shop for milk and bread etc. Now don’t get me wrong it’s been OK and me and Michelle are a flippin’ good team in circumstances like this (if I do say so myself!) But finding time to stop, to think, to spend time with God in prayer and to meditate on His Word has been tough. In fact it feels like I’ve been rushing from one thing to another to another…

Can you relate to that?

Anyway, it was on probably the most hectic morning of the week, I think it was Monday, as I charged round like a headless chicken, that I was rebuked in the most precious of ways by my 2 year old son, Ezra. The morning school run with the 2 big kids had been a mad dash and as I took Ezra to his Little Ducklings playgroup I was already running 15 late for a meeting. I parked up in the car park at Cold Barn Farm, got Ezra out of the car and charged for the door. But it quickly became apparent that I was missing something, or rather someone – Ezra.

I turned around and saw Ezra stood completely motionless, a massive smile spread across his beaming face and his little hand cupped around his ear.

“Listen daddy – birds singing!!”

My instinct was to hurry him along and tell him that we didn’t have time to listen to birds, but something in me was moved, so I stopped. And as I stopped, sure enough I could hear birds singing. And not just one or two birds, it was an anthem of bird song. It was beautiful! (It turns out that my friend Matt had recently set out some new bird feeders at Cold Barn Farm – see his photo above).

I was so blessed. And so challenged! I went to Ezra, crouched down next to him and together we listened to the birds. Yes I was late, but this was special! I dropped him off at Little Ducklings and headed off to my meeting, but my mind was full of questions:

  • Why was I so busy that I missed that chorus of creation praise?
  • How come birds had time to sing to God’s glory and I didn’t?
  • How many other such moments have I missed because of busyness?
  • How come Ezra heard it and I didn’t?
  • How come Jesus never seemed to be in a rush? (Admittedly He never had to do the school run!)
  • How gracious of God to rebuke me by the response of a 2 year old boy and a flurry of little birds singing their song!

So what lesson do I want to share with you? Simply this: whatever life is throwing at you, slow down, look up and don’t miss the bird song!


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