I am SO passionate about this week’s Freedom Friday post. It comes from a friend of mine who is based in a European country and working with girls who are being rescued out of sex slavery. Her work is daunting, daring and dangerous and therefore for the purpose of security I’m not going to mention which country she works in. However, I am going to say that she is the real deal, her ministry is incredible and if after reading this you don’t want to part with a tenner and buy a doll – you need to get yourself checked out!

This article is written by my friend from the frontline of the war against trafficking.

Here goes…

freedom dolls


In this country we have approximately 70 girls who have escaped their traffickers and are awaiting trial to prosecute. We know from our previous girls who’s court cases are finished that the wait for the trial averages between 4 and 7 years. This is a difficult time for the girls as they are homesick, depressed and suffering from trauma. Most girls escape pregnant so they have a baby to take care of.

The government has a duty of care towards these girls as they are witnesses in an upcoming case. However like many things in this country they fail to meet the standards. It is not uncommon for a girl to be without any support for 6 months +

The idea of the girls making the rag dolls was it gave the girls motivation. It gave them a chance to fellowship with one another even though they don’t speak the same language. They could express themselves in the dolls, how they were feeling. They could encourage one another not to loose hope. The dolls gave them a purpose.

It was amazing to watch the girls be so eager to learn and to be so excited by the idea. The first lesson the girls struggled to even draw a circle for the eye. Now the girls have learnt new skills and are producing whole, finished dolls. The girls are very proud of themselves.

One girl B 14 years old was able to pay for the birth of her child from her doll making. We sold the dolls in the UK to pay for the birth. B was trafficked into this country when she was 12 from Africa. She was kept in a room for 2 years and used for sex by an elderly man and who ever he brought back. She went to toilet in a bucket only and never saw day light. When he left the door unlocked one day she ran for her life. Her beautiful baby boy has been born and B continues to support herself and him with her money from the dolls.

Y became illegal when her trafficker left the country suddenly and her case was closed. She was 5 months pregnant and could not go to the government hospital where a birth costs 500 euros. We had to take her to the private hospital where the cost was 2300 euros. It was beautiful to see the girls donate the dolls to Y so she could pay for her medical needs.

The dolls have united the girls, given them hope and a purpose and a little income.

* We are looking for people who can tell people about us, what is happening here and the situation we are stuck in.

* People to sell the dolls at £10 each

* If anyone can do graphics / web design we are looking to develop something to sell the dolls.

I really hope that this has inspired and encouraged you. If you’d like to buy a doll and support these precious girls, please get in touch with me me at and I’ll sort it out. Similarly, if you can help in any of the 3 ways specified in this article, please email and I’ll put you in touch with the right person.


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