Vietnamese Tragedy in the UK #FREEDOMFRIDAY


So this morning my sister sent me a link to the following article:

Why are so many of the UK’s missing teenagers Vietnamese?

The article is a truly harrowing read and explains in devastating terms just how twisted, sinister, corrupt and complicated the global trafficking picture truly is. I found this article about the trafficking of Vietnamese young people into the UK especially tragic as it reminded of what happened in Newport just a few years ago.

It seems that on an almost weekly basis the true scale and savagery of international human trafficking is being uncovered. It is beyond words. It is seemingly out of control and beyond the law. But HALLELUJAH it is not beyond our God, and in His grace He is equipping and deploying His church to shine light and bring freedom in His Name.

How should we respond to this article and this issue?



Be a voice.

Make yourself available.

Say to God, your community, the traffickers and the trafficked “NOT ON MY WATCH!


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