Month: August 2013

Stuffed Foxes, Dry Bones and Church Plants.

fox bones valleys

Last week I visited a tattoo parlour in Cardiff…and it was unlike any parlour I’ve ever seen before. Many tattoo parlours have clinically white walls with tattoo designs plastered all over them.

But not this one!

This particular shop had a staggering array of stuffed animals all over the walls and shelves – birds, bears, badgers scorpions, stags and a fox! I mention the fox because it’s in the shop window and is a quirky piece of taxidermic craziness that has been on my mind ever since. The fox (I don’t know his name sorry!) is stood upright in the shop window with a quirky cap on his head and a stick in his hand. I’m not a big fan of stuffed animals, but I have to confess that he’s pretty cool! And I guess that’s the point of him being in the shop window. Certainly the shop is a hive of bustling busyness and the artist I was chatting to informed me that people literally wander in off the street just to see the animals. Some stay in to get their bodies inked.

So why has this fox been on my mind all week? (more…)

Porterbrook 2013/14


Just a super quick post to flag up Porterbrook – a superb mission-focussed theological training course that can be done vocationally whether you’re a pastor, a bin-man, a house-wife or a ninja!

I am honoured to serve as the director of Porterbrook South Wales and am therefore keen to promote the course as we look forward to the start of a new academic year.

If you are interested in studying deep, quality, missional theology and getting to chew it over with other like-minded students then please drop us a line to Here’s a quick video that gives you the lowdown on Porterbrook. It’s a few years old now but should whet the appetite.