Month: October 2013

Trick or Treat?

I don’t like Halloween.

Never have done.

I find it to be a bit like black pudding – dark, distasteful and of dubious origin!

But I love Jesus, which is why I love this video by 10 of Those:

Friends, don’t revel in the darkness today – celebrate the light!

Hope Church Rhondda

Last night was special.

Very special!

Back in January we at Hill City sent our friends Ben and Lois Franks, along with our other friends Courtney and Bip, to the Rhondda valleys on a church planting adventure! It was a joyful, albeit emotional time because we love these guys and we knew that we were sending some of our best people.


Trafficking in the News #FREEDOMFRIDAY

It’s the fastest growing criminal industry in the world, so it’s little wonder that the global tragedy of human trafficking is increasingly hitting our headlines. I believe that this is a good thing as the key to successfully combating trafficking is to raise people’s awareness that it exists and that it exists where they’re at.

Tonight we gather together for yet another Redemption Sessions prayer evening with Robin Davies from International Justice Mission and Jim Stewart from EA Wales. I have put a little slide together for the event which shows just a handful of the trafficking headlines that have made the news over recent months (click on the image to see it more clearly). These are all UK-based stories and have all been reported in the last few months since we last gathered to pray. What is striking is the breadth of scale of the issue even here in the UK – from inner city to rural countryside, from sex slavery to forced labour, trafficking is by no means a simple issue to understand, and an even harder issue to police…but at least it’s getting out there now! This is answered prayer and so we should celebrate it as that. However, we can’t rest on our laurels or take our foot off the gas – it’s not enough to see this vile industry exposed – we must not cease until it has been fully eradicated!

If you want to join us in prayer we’ll be at Belmont Baptist Church in Tremorfa from 7:30pm.

Anti-Trafficking Headlines

The Power of ‘Sent’

Laying-on-of-Hands-OrdinationA few weeks ago I was chatting with a friend of mine who is also involved in church planting. During the conversation he made a comment that both broke my heart and blessed my soul at the same time. He asked if my experience of church planting had been the same as his – sent on mission by a church that had promised to champion his cause and back him all the way, promising resources, mentoring, accountability and a much-needed sounding board for vision and ideas whenever needed. What he had actually received, however, was quite different – broken promises, isolation and frustration. While I was both encouraged and inspired by my friend’s faith and stamina, I have to confess that what he shared really bothered me. It bothered me because that’s not how it should be for those who are sent on mission. And it bothered me because it’s a million miles removed from my own experience of church planting. We were ‘sent’ in every sense of the word, and as such while our church planting adventure has been incredibly challenging, we have been backed and blessed all the way.

Let me lay out what being ‘sent’ has looked like for us: (more…)