Pressing on in Prayer #FREEDOMFRIDAY


Just got in from a really encouraging evening at Redemption Sessions.

Tonight we were showing The Pink Room – a powerful film by Agape International Missions that deals with the sickening subject of child sex slavery in Cambodia. It’s both heart-wrecking and heart-warming at the same time and just fills me with gratitude to God for the work of AIM, Don Brewster and IJM. What was especially encouraging tonight, however, was the huge crowd of students that turned up to watch the film and pray with us.

I’m just going to wear my heart on my sleeve for a moment – I’ve found running Redemption Sessions hard this year. Getting Christians to gather to pray is always tough, and living 20 miles away from where the prayer meeting happens doesn’t really help either! However, I started Red Sessions back in January because I believe that God told me to, and also because I am 110% convinced that prayer works! However, some months have been tougher than others. We had a good crowd at our first prayer night in January, yet numbers have been low pretty much ever since. I know it’s not just about numbers, but there is something encouraging about a crowd of Christians passionately crying out together in prayer. There have been a faithful core of us who have met every month and I’m so grateful for those guys, especially Geraint, Ruth and Jim Stewart. But when the pressures of leading a large family and a growing church has left me feeling utterly wiped out at the end of the week, I wish I could say that getting psyched up to travel to Cardiff for Red Sessions has always been easy.

But it hasn’t.

However, tonight I’ve been reminded of 4 things:

IMG_20131115_2143491. There are 27 million people who need our prayers right now. My level of exhaustion is frankly non-existent next to theirs.

2. God has told me to be a voice for the voiceless. That means that I need to keep shouting out on behalf of the victims of human trafficking who RIGHT NOW are suffering in silence, even if it sometimes feels like no one’s listening!

3. There are still people that want to gather to pray – and that is ALWAYS worth it. Sometimes (like tonight) there’s a good crowd. Other times,  just a handful. However, a handful of faith-filled believers is more than a handful for Satan and a small band of faithful intercessors can do great damage to the kingdom of darkness!

4. Quitting is not an option. I was reminded tonight of the story Jesus told about the persistent widow in Luke 18 who kept banging at the Judge’s door until she received justice. That’s how we need to be praying – pounding the gates of heaven until the exploited  and enslaved receive justice!

So that’s it really! Basically 5 hours ago I was wondering if these prayer meetings were worth persevering with. But God in His kindness has encouraged me to press on in prayer. Why? Because if we don’t cry out on behalf of the voiceless, who will? And if any of this resonates with you – why not come and join us on the frontline of faith sometime? We’d love to have you praying with us.

“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6 v 9)

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