Reflection Sessions – Introductory post


As I mentioned in my previous post, I thought that it would be good to reflect a bit more deeply on Redemption Sessions. Last Friday was the final meeting of a year of prayer that I have been privileged (I think that’s the right word) to coordinate. Each day this week I am going to reflect on some of the lessons I’ve learned through running the Red Sessions. However, before doing that, I thought it would be worth taking some time to revisit my reasons for starting on this journey in the first place.

Regular readers of my blog will know that for the last few years both my wife and I have been deeply stirred regarding the issue of human trafficking, and sex slavery in particular. We have read books, blogs, articles, attended conferences and listened to a plethora of online material to get ourselves clued up and tooled up to play our part in tacking this vile criminal industry. However, living and serving in the Welsh valleys, with a young family and a growing church, it’s fair to say that we didn’t really know what role we could play! But we knew that we had to do something, so we sought God and felt that facilitating a year of monthly prayer events in Cardiff would be the most appropriate place to start. It wasn’t going to demand an unmanageable amount of time and would provide a much-needed forum for providing information, networking with like-minded believers and, of course, fighting in a way that only God’s people can – prayer!

I’d love to say that my experience of Redemption Sessions has been one of huge encouragement, a growing crowd of prayer warriors and an avalanche of gloriously answered prayer. But it hasn’t quite been like that. In fact, much in the same way as church planting has proved, the opposite has often been the case and I have wanted to jack it in a number of times…but I’m so glad I didn’t! In fact, I’d go so far as to say that now, with an extra year of prayer, experience, wisdom and faith under my belt, I’m in a far better place to pray, speak and act on behalf of the trafficked, exploited and enslaved than I was this time last year. I might even go a step further and suggest that this year has been both fundamental and foundational in preparing us for future faith adventures.

So here on the blog over the next 6 days I intend to post the six most important lessons that Redemption Sessions 2013 has taught me.

See you tomorrow…

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