Reflection Sessions Pt.2 – The strategic importance of networking


Yesterday I shared how Red Sessions has taught me to pray with my eyes open. Today I want to share something about the strategic impact that they have had too.

2. The strategic importance of networking

One of the most precious highlights of Red Sessions has been the people that I’ve met. I have worshipped, wept and prayed with many brothers and sisters this last year who I never would have otherwise met. Many (if not most) have come from a totally different theological stable to me, which has been refreshing and exciting. When you’re pleading with God to have mercy on the bondslaves of India or the vulnerable young girls of eastern European who are being trafficked into brothels all over the globe, you haven’t really got the time or inclination to ask the guy you’re praying with where he’s at with Calvinism!

However, not only has there been a beautiful gospel unity in these meetings it has, I believe, been significant that many of our small band of prayer warriors have between them an incredible wealth of experience. So we have (in no particular order) advocates of International Justice Mission (IJM), members of Liberty (the team who work with prostitutes in Cardiff), one of the coordinators of the #NotOnMyWatch campaign, one of the leaders of Evangelical Alliance Wales (who do a great job in mobilising the church in Cardiff around the issue of trafficking), the boyfriend of a girl who is involved in frontline rescue work, and a lady from Eritrea who has been able to share extensively about the trafficking horrors faced by many of her compatriots. Furthermore, at our last event there were Christians involved in Cardiff’s political scene who are committed to the cause of eradicating slavery, as well as saints from Newport who are behind the fantastic Cymru Against Human Trafficking. Add to the mix the recent addition of a bunch of passionate students and a healthy handful of bods like myself who are simply hanging in there because God has arrested our hearts with this issue, and you have a band of brothers and sisters who I can’t help but think that God has brought together for a purpose.

I guess the question is, what is that purpose?

Is it for prayer and encouragement?

Most certainly.

However, as I sit here reflecting on how God has sovereignly orchestrated things in order to cause our paths to cross and bring us together for such a time as this, I can’t help but think that He might just be up to something. I’m not entirely sure what that ‘something’ is yet, but I am sure of this:

I’m not going to miss it!

Redemption Sessions has been a rallying point for a small, motley militia of gospel-hearted abolitionists.

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