Some Photos for my Dad!

My dad spends much of the year enjoying proper sunshine in Greece, or proper winter weather in Canada (you can read about his travels and enjoy his photos here). He’s currently loving life in the Canadian Rockies. However, before he left the soggy Welsh hills for the snow covered peaks of Banff it’s fair to say that the weather had been pretty rank and depressing, even by Welsh standards! Which is why when the sun made a rare appearance on Monday I jumped on my bike and pegged it up the local mountain, Garn Wen. The views were pretty spectacular – not quite the Rockies – but worth taking a few photos of on my phone. So seeing as he wasn’t around to enjoy the beautiful (albeit brief) moment of local sunshine, I thought I’d post my photos on the blog to reassure my dad that it’s not always murky and mingin’ back home. (The bottom one was taken first thing in the morning on my dog walk, not on my bike ride).

These are for you Pops…

Folly from Garn Wen

east from Garn Wen

SW from Garn Wen

Trevethin view

trevethin dawn

One thought on “Some Photos for my Dad!

  1. Very much appreciated, thanks Dai. It’s been sunny most of the time here with very little snowfall. Doesn’t look as if there has been any on Garn Wen either. Glad that you managed to make it up the mountain in one of the few dry spells. Good to be reminded of the Green, Green Grass of Home.

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