Answered Prayers and Varied Grace


After my previous post at the start of the week requesting prayer for some of the challenges that we’ve been facing recently, I feel it’s only appropriate to let you know how things have played out by the end of the week.

It’s been kinda crazy – there have been some wonderful answered prayers that have come in the form of varied and much valued grace.

1. The tooth

My tooth doesn’t hurt anymore – the pain is gone! What happened? Was I miraculously healed? Did an angel rock up and whack a gold filling in my mush? Nope! My wonderful wife managed to persuade me to go and see a private dentist for a second opinion. She’s the only person on planet earth who could have got me to do that (I’m not a big fan of private health care) but, frankly, he was a legend! He managed to work on the tooth, stop the pain and get me set for a root canal in a couple of weeks. Don’t much fancy the root canal, but right now I can eat, drink coffee and not want to smash my face into walls – so I’ll take it!

Thank you God for my wise wife and for a private dentist who knows what he’s doing!

2. The car

We have found a new car, paid a deposit and sorted insurance out. We collect it on Saturday morning, which means that tomorrow is the last day of bump-starting Betsy! She’s been a faithful old girl and we’ve had many adventures in her, but all good things come to an end. There is absolutely no way we’d have be in possession of a new car if generous saints hadn’t graciously provided us with a gift to buy it. They gave us the exact amount that we needed for a car that is perfect for us! We are STOKED!

Thank you God for the gift of gospel-hearted friends who are glad to be a means of grace to others!

3. The toilet

Finally, ever since I posted that last blog, Ezra (yeah, I named him!) has not had a SINGLE accident!!! He’s been clean and dry for the last 3 days and, as things stand, the twins will be back in nursery next week! It truly is a miracle. Literally overnight he just started taking himself to the bog. We’re SO blown away!

Thank you God for the simple yet significant grace of sovereignly intervening in the life of our toddler and helping him to get the hang of depositing turds in the right place!!

So there we have it! Yes, I’ve been smashed by flu this week. Yes, it’s been painful and frustrating. No, it hasn’t gone as planned. No, I haven’t enjoyed it. But I have to confess that as I reflect back I am deeply grateful to those of you have prayed, encouraged and stood with us in so many ways. I hope you have been blessed to know that you have been used by God in this way and that God has indeed answered your prayers on our behalf. I have truly been struck again by the varied grace of God that doesn’t always come to us in the form of supernatural signs and wonders, but often comes to us by the hands of ordinary followers of Jesus with extraordinary faith and love. Finally, I am most grateful to my God who has once again proved Himself to be faithful, merciful and kind to His children.

I’m so humbled and thankful.

All glory to God.

2 thoughts on “Answered Prayers and Varied Grace

  1. Dai, I loved both of these blogs! Your heart, your stories, your constant glory to God! I love hearing about all of this esp about Ezra! I get that, we have been there! Always blessed by what you say my friend!

  2. Thanks Janine. It’s been a roller coaster for sure, but one that I don’t doubt that you guys can more than relate to! Big love to you and the family. Been thinking of and praying for you all this week 🙂

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