Twitter logoAfter a 9 month break I just signed up for Twitter again. I appreciate that I made a big song and dance about leaving Twitter last year, so I thought I’d briefly explain why I’m back on.

Essentially I feel that I am now able to re-engage with the world of Twitter without getting dragged into it like I once was. Initially I rejected Twitter. Now I feel that it’s time to redeem it. I’m not as bothered about stuff like follower numbers, retweets stats etc that I once was. Neither do I feel the need to share a blow-by-blow account of my daily thoughts and experiences. I guess I’m probably less “up my self” than I used to be.

However, I do feel that there are many friends who I’m not as connected to as I used to be and that, primarily is why I’m back on board. I don’t intend to follow hundreds of people and have thousands of followers like last time. I don’t intend to tweet 30+ times a day. I have no intention of engaging in pointless debates or vain competition. I simply want to be sociable and to share life, encouragement and Scripture with friends. As a means of keeping myself accountable I have asked several close friends in the ministry to keep an eye on my Twitter behaviour and I have given them licence to call me out if they think I’m tweeting in an ungodly way. If it gets stupid again, they’ll tell me and I’ll jack it all in (again). Simple!

So that’s it!

May God be glorified.

I’m @daihankey if you want to connect.

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