Month: April 2014


PrayerMateSplashOne of the things that concerns me about the impact of technology and social media for Christians today is that despite its promise to simplify our lives it actually complicates them. Oftentimes what that means for our devotional lives is that we are all too easily distracted rather than getting deeply connected with God. Certainly my own experience is that countless times I’ve found myself gazing at the screen of my smartphone for the umpteenth time that day and then catching myself thinking “when was the last time I prayed today?” I even have moments of resenting that little screen for constantly snatching my attention away from my God.

Can you relate to that?

If so then hopefully, like me, you’ll be buzzin about a new smartphone app that I got hold of last week. PrayerMate is a fantastic app that has turned the technology in my pocket into a device that now encourages me to pray. Essentially it provides a simple and easy to use structure that with a few swipes of my finger gives me stuff to be praying about. So my categories include:

  • Find 3 reasons to worship (not the same 3 as yesterday)
  • Family members
  • The various Hill City gospel communities (by name)
  • Unsaved friends
  • Human Trafficking minitries
  • The persecuted church

The beauty of PrayerMate, however, is that each category is totally customisable so you can essentially pray for whatever you want. Furthermore, you can subscribe to news feeds from a whole host of churches, ministries and mission agencies to get up-to-date prayer fodder! (I pray for the persecuted church by subscribing to the feed of one of my favourite ministries – Open Doors). Similarly, you can also access model prayers straight out of the Bible. I don’t often post shameless plugs like this, but I really am impressed and grateful to the developers of this app. Oh, it’s free as well!

So for what it’s worth – I reckon you should go grab the PrayerMate app and get plugged into a new way of praying.

You can find out more about PrayerMate here, as well as watch the video below.


Pure Passion 2014

So I think is the fifth…or is it the sixth year we’ve been doing this, but hey – every year God shows up and we have an incredibly precious time in His presence. I’m talking, of course, about Pure Passion – a Good Friday celebration of the grace of the cross. The celebration has 3 very simple components: sung worship (led by the Pure Passion band), preached gospel word (by myself) and communion (which we all take together).

The venue is Woodville Christian Centre (Crwys Road, Cardiff) and it all starts at 7pm.

All are welcome. We’d love to see you there…

Pure Passion 2014

Stand for Freedom, Cardiff #FREEDOMFRIDAY

Last week I posted a blog introducing my friend, Jason Bushell, who works for IJM in Cardiff. Well, today I received a letter and some posters from Jason that he has asked me to share with you regarding an event he is organising in Cardiff next week. So here ya go…


“As International Justice Mission representative in Wales I am writing to inform you of the Stand4Freedom event next Wednesday 9th April.

It is being organized by IJM Cardiff Student Justice Community, a group of Cardiff University students formed when they heard about the extent of modern day slavery and the plague of everyday violence that is devastating the developing world.

* Nearly 30 million men, women and children are currently held in slavery;

* Nearly 2 million children are exploited in the commercial sex trade;

* 1 in 5 women will be a victim of rape or attempted rape in her lifetime.

The poor are so vulnerable because their justice systems – police, courts and laws – don’t protect them from violent people. Indeed “the law is paralyzed” and “the wicked surround the righteous” [Hab.1:4]

Convicted by God’s call on His children to “seek justice, correct oppression”[Is. 1:17] these students have determined to act. When they Stand4Freedom next Wednesday they will be joining thousands around the world to give a human face to the unnoticed millions. They hope to mobilise Cardiff to do something now to end it.

Specifically their goal is to fund one rescue mission (£3,000).

We ask for your support. Would you please…

· mention the event in your announcements tomorrow;

· encourage your congregation to visit the stands and spread the word (details of event and locations in attached poster/slide); and

· offer them the opportunity to contribute to help fund a rescue mission.

I hope that Cardiff churches will also respond in some way to support the efforts of these students who are stepping out in faith, most of them for the first time.

Many thanks for your support.

Yours faithfully