Do not quit!

It’s been a difficult week this week.

One of those weeks when the pressure of ministry is crushing and the temptation to throw in the towel is very real. Which is why it’s kinda funny that I got a timely kick in the pants today…from myself!

The way it transpired was that at some point last year (genuinely can’t remember when!) I was at an Acts 29 event in Sheffield and was asked to record a short video to encourage church planters. So I did. However, I never heard any more of it and clean forgot about it.

That is, until today, when it popped up in my Twitter feed courtesy of the Acts 29 Europe media team. You can see the video below. As you can tell my motive was to give a shot of gospel challenge and brotherly encouragement to any poor, battle weary church planters out there who might be in need of it.

Church planters like me!

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