Share your self-control story…


Ladies, I’m afraid this post is exclusively for the fellas…

Brothers,  but I need your help!

Last month I put the finishing touches to the manuscript for a book that I have been working on for the last year or so. Like my previous book, this one is again aimed at men and it addresses the issue of self-control. The title is “A Man’s Greatest Challenge: how to build self-control that lasts” and it set for release by The Good Book Company in September. As you’d expect, I’m really excited about the book and am praying that it will help and encourage men of all ages in their battle for self-control.

But here’s where I need your help. My editor thinks that it would be really good if we could supplement each of the chapters with real-life testimonies of men for whom self-control is / has been an issue. (By the way, this isn’t just a book about how blokes struggle with porn – it covers ALL aspects of self-control – anger, time management, finances, technology etc.) What we are looking for is men who would be willing to write 250-300 words of frank and honest testimony about their experience from just one of seven different angles of conquering self-control.

Could that be you?

If so, could you share your self-control story from just one of these angles?

  • Facing your failures and honestly assessing the damage that a lack of self-control has caused in your life and the life of those around you.

  • The challenge of wanting to live a Christ-like life (perfect self-control) and not settling for just being slightly better than you were before.

  • The process of repentance – what confessing your sins and receiving grace have meant for you in the battle for self-control.

  • How has the gospel – the finished work and true words of Christ provided you with a solid foundation upon which to build a life of self-control?

  • How have your church family, not least your brothers in Christ, helped you to re-gain control over issues in your life? Accountability, mentoring, support, friendship etc…

  • Ultimately self-control is fruit that only God Himself can produce in your life by the power of His Holy Spirit. What has your experience been of humbly allowing Him to work in your life what would otherwise have been impossible for you?

  • In what ways has the cultivation of wise, disciplined and godly habits helped you to become a man of self-control?

If you would be willing to write a personal testimony (we can change your name if you’d prefer) on any one of those areas that would be proper helpful to me, but also I’m sure, a huge blessing to the many men who will read the book. If you’d like a copy of the manuscript to help you better understand what each of the chapters is saying, that can be arranged. My email address is

Thanks for considering this.

Big love and God bless


3 thoughts on “Share your self-control story…

  1. Hi dai, I’m happy to write testimony for you, it can be about Christs victory over the sin of lust, porn, etc in my life. Or I’m happy to tackle the other issues 1,2 and 7 which ever you havn’t got testimonies for. Let me know if there is a particular subject you want me to cover, and I can get it to you via email next week. Trust you are well brother.
    Kind regards
    Sam (oasis church gowerton)

  2. Thanks to all who contacted me about this post. I now have all 7 testimonies needed for the book and they are fantastic! Thanks again!

    Stay tuned for the book…

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