Why I’m doing Tough Mudder

This post is gonna be a bit all over the shop, so let me give you the headline first, then try to unpack it a bit:

I am doing Tough Mudder On 16th August in order to raise much-needed support for persecuted Christians in Iraq – and I want your support!

nx_MiGVN_400x400As many of you will be aware from recent news reports, there is a militant Islamic group called ISIS who are currently unleashing hell in Iraq and Syria. Christians are being raped, beheaded and executed by ISIS (and it’s not only Christians either). Last weekend it was reported that Christians in the city of Mosul had their homes tagged by militants with the Arabic letter ‘n’ – which stands for ‘Nasrani’ – Christian). They were then given an ultimatum: convert to Islam, pay an extortionate tax…or die. Many have since fled, but the terror and misery continues for countless Christians across the region. (Please read this article to get a grasp on the scale of the crisis).

So what can be done to help?

There are people in the region who are providing aid, including Open Doors. Open Doors are an outstanding Christian ministry who work on the ground with persecuted Christians, including many of those who have been displaced in Iraq. I want to raise a load of money to assist Open Doors in their work, and I’m going to do it by doing Tough Mudder.


“So what is Tough Mudder?’ I hear you ask. Well, in a nut-shell, Tough Mudder – a 12 mile assault course that involves ice cold water, fire, electricity, tunnels, walls, heights…and LOTS of mud! It makes the bold claim of probably being the toughest event on planet earth (which is obviously ridiculous, because EVERYONE knows that getting 4 kids to church on time on a Sunday morning is the toughest event on planet earth!) However, it’s probably fair to say that for an out-of-shape 37 year old pastor with severely arthritic ankles (that I’ve just been told need surgery) – it still looks flippin’ hard:

About half a year ago the Fight Club guys talked me into signing up for Tough Mudder. However, about 3 months ago I twisted both my ankles on a training run and was unable to run for a couple of months. I saw the doctor who told me that I probably need further surgery on my ankle, so I decided to knock Tough Mudder on the head.

But then I heard about Iraq – and that changed my mind!

Despite what it might look like, I know my heart and I promise that doing Tough Mudder is not a macho thing, neither is it a mid-life crisis.


In all honesty I don’t even know if my body will hold up to the challenge, but if it raises money for my persecuted brothers and sisters in Iraq then I’m willing to give it a flippin’ good crack!!

But I need YOU to make it worth my while.

The target I have set is £1000, so please visit my JustGiving page and sponsor me if you possibly can – whether it’s £1, £10, or £1,000 – every bit will help.

Thanks and God bless you.



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