Endorsements for ‘A Man’s Greatest Challenge’


It’s always humbling when people say nice things about stuff I’ve written. Here’s what some people have been saying about my latest book:

“Dai has done it again—managed to write a book that is both simple and hard to read ! Simple, because it is not long or complex; hard, because it is challenging to download into our lives. But that’s a mark of a good book. It will help to identify your flaws and weaknesses, and discover a Christ-shaped, grace-filled response which leads to self-control.”
Peter Baker, Senior Pastor at Lansdowne Baptist Church, Bournemouth, UK

“Dai Hankey has written an extremely helpful book for men and their struggles. Focussing on the core issue of self-control, this book has the capacity to set a man free from nagging sin and shame. I would recommend it as a book to be read by all—from teen through to senior.”
Jamie Rasmussen, Senior Pastor, Scottsdale Bible Church, Arizona

“If this is your issue (and I suspect it is, given that you’ve picked up this book), then this is the place to start for clear, helpful, practical, gospel-motivated wisdom. It’s going to be what we use with the guys at my church who, like me, struggle to get to grips with our ungodly desires.”
Richard Perkins, Senior Minister at Christ Church Balham, London and Director of the Antioch Plan; member of London Men’s Convention committee

“Here is a timely, punchy book, filled with biblical truth, that will give fresh hope to the significant number of Christian men who have lost their assurance, usefulness and joy through a lack of self-control.”
Paul Rees, Senior Pastor at Charlotte Chapel, Edinburgh

“All of us men struggle with self-control; and we seem to struggle with losing it in many of the same areas. This book reminds us that self-control is not only a gospel project, it is a church-wide project in which we all must play a part. So, if your desire is to struggle less and look like Jesus more, then you’ll want to gather your friends and read this book together.”
Juan R. Sanchez Jr, Senior Pastor, High Pointe Baptist Church, Austin, Texas, USA; Gospel Coalition Council member

“A Man’s Greatest Challenge is no silver bullet when it comes to temptation and self-control. But neither should it be. Our help comes not from man’s wisdom or experience, but from the Lord Jesus Christ. Dai Hankey points us very clearly to this powerful gospel. No silver bullet—but genuine hope for changed lives.”
Dave McDonald, Senior Pastor at Stromlo Christian Church, Canberra, Australia, and Chaplain to ACT Brumbies; author of “Hope Beyond Cure”

“The smouldering ruins of a great city, walls breached and overthrown, is how the Bible pictures a life without self-control. Using this biblical picture, A Man’s Greatest Challenge speaks Christ-centred challenge and hope into lives wrecked by a lack of self-control. This is an issue I face, as do my friends and church family. The combination of close biblical study and Dai’s frank honesty makes this book that is both biblical and useful—a real-world guidebook full of grace and hope.
John Hindley, Pastor of BroadGrace, Norfolk, UK; author of “Serving without Sinking” and “You Can Really Grow”

“Men, read this book! In tackling the challenge of self-control, Dai shows that lasting hope lies not in will power but gospel power—its comfort and its call.”
Gavin Peacock, Missions Pastor at Calvary Grace Church, Canada; former Chelsea and Newcastle midfielder

You can find out more about the book and pre-order your copy here.

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