The Cyprus Files: Intro


I’m finally back home with my family after 5 fantastic days in Cyprus.

My reason for visiting this Mediterranean tourist hot-spot (Aiya Napa to be precise) was to see 2 very precious friends, P + J, get married. J works in Cyprus rescuing women from trafficking and prostitution and P has been a great encouragement to me and the RED Community guys over the last year or so.

The chance to see them tie the knot on the island that I have prayed so much for was too good to miss, and the fact that I got to hang out with good friends and make new ones along the way was also sweet.

However, while I went to celebrate the marriage of friends and enjoy a break in the sun as part of the deal, it seems that God wanted me there to learn a few things. Oftentimes God will take us out of the ‘normal’ and ‘familiar’ in order to get our attention and speak into our lives and situations.

And that’s exactly what happened this week, only the lessons started long before I arrived in Cyprus…

Coming soon: ‘The Cyprus Files: Part 1. The Journey’

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