Jump School Kickstarter


I have many friends in church planting circles, but my friend Peyton Jones is among the best!

His passion for Christ, coupled with his love for planting and planters means that he’s always got something up his sleeve, and today I want to tell you about the latest thing…and to ask you to get behind it if you can!

Here’s the lowdown…

Jump School is a church planter core team training series. It will give your core team the training they need in 6 easy steps.

As a church planter trainer, the most commonly asked question by planters that I get is “How do I train my core team?”

My name is Peyton Jones and I’m a serial church planter. I plant a church, raise up leadership and move on to plant up another church. In addition, I help planters in all parts of the world plant their church.

This video series uses a World War 2 theme where we will be following a team of paratroopers as they jump into Normandy to free enemy captives and take No Man’s Land.

During these six training videos I will walk you through essential core team training.

You will be able to show these videos to your team of planters, ensuring that they are equipped, ready to plant, ready to Jump!

The 6 part series focuses on evangelism, getting your priorities right, understanding the need for the Spirit’s power, and various other topics.

The goal of this project is to advance the kingdom of God rapidly, not stuff somebody’s pockets.

My upcoming book “Jump School: Unleashing Gospel Commandos on an Unsuspecting World” will serve as a leader’s manual to the church planter.

In addition, I will be producing a study guide as a resource for your core team.

Here is a sample of an unfinished episode:

If you like the look of the project and want to be part of getting Jump School off the ground, why not head over to the Kickstarter page and pledge your wedge?


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