Month: March 2015

A29 Conference: Behold the Man

One of the greatest blessings I have enjoyed in my 7 years of church planting has been my involvement in the Acts 29 church planting network. The quality of brotherhood, support, teaching and resourcing has been invaluable to both myself, Michelle and our church family. Therefore one of the highlights of the year is always the annual conference.

This year the conference, Behold the Man, is due to be held in Nottingham and promises to be a great few days:

If you are involved or interested in church planting, especially in a European context, then I want to seriously encourage you to get yourself booked in. More information about the conference can be found here.

Look forward to seeing some of you there!

Sex Trafficking and Salvation – Stories of Redemption from Moldova

Next Thursday evening I am thrilled to be running an event in Cardiff that I am busting to let you know about and to invite you to come along to:

RED SESSIONS Poster March 2015

The speaker for the evening will be Vladimir Ubeivolc, founder and director of Beginning of Life (BOL), Moldova.*

Here’s a bit about Vladimir:

Vladimir Ubeivolc was born into a country in crisis. In 1972, his nation of Moldova was still part of the Soviet Union, and his father was a devout Communist. When the Iron Curtain fell in the year 1991, things only got worse. Moldova became an isolated economic backwater, earning the dubious distinction of Europe’s poorest nation. In turn, family lives have fallen apart; violence against women is common, the divorce rate has reached 70%, and countless women and children have been sold into human trafficking. In the last ten years, more than 30,000 Moldovan women have disappeared without a trace.

Inspired by God, Vladimir Ubeivolc has returned to his home country to help solve this problem. As a child, Vladimir’s Christian mother passed on a keen interest in God. In his early twenties, Vladimir committed his life to Christ and at 23 he enrolled in Chisinau Bible College to study Christian Education. He later went on to complete his degree at Saint-Petersburg Christian University and while there, he met his wife Yulia.

While Yulia studied for her MA in Psychology, she began working with pregnant women in crisis. Her passion for pregnant women and single mothers continued to grow as she encountered numerous victims of trafficking and rape who desired abortions because of their circumstances.

After graduating, Vladimir and Yulia married and moved back to Vladimir’s home town of Chisinau, where they witnessed many women in desperate situations. In response, Yulia began a support program—offered through their church—which provided counselling and material assistance to vulnerable women. Vladimir became an active teacher and was appointed the Dean of the Christian Education department at Chisinau Bible College.

But it was not until Vladimir enrolled in the PhD program at the International Baptist Theological Seminary in 2000 that he began to see Yulia’s work as a part of the church’s mission. As he studied Luke 4, he had a revelation that he was called to help those outside of the church, building bridges to serve needy people in society. With this new thinking he joined Yulia to grow her vision for women in need. They named the new ministry Beginning of Life (BOL).

The situation in Moldova is still dire. But the hundreds of women that have been helped by Vladimir and Yulia’s ministry can truly say that they have found a new beginning of life.

This exciting event will be held next Thursday (12th March) 7pm at Minster Christian Centre. Admission is free but an offering will be taken towards the work of Beginning of Life.

Hopefully see you there.

* Moldova was described on the Nefarious documentary as the ‘Frontier of Failure’ in the battle against human trafficking in Europe.