Thank God for CAP Money


It was a year ago to the day that I attended the CAP Money course, organised by our church.

CAP Money is a money management and budgeting course that is run by Christians Against Poverty, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that it has MASSIVELY impacted our family in a very positive way.

I did the course, not because we had big money problems. In fact, by the grace of God, we have been well provided for by generous Christians who support our ministry for many years now. So we weren’t in major debt, but neither were we in total control of our finances. What I mean by that is that some months we were doing fine and managing to keep our heads above water, but all it took was for the car to need some work or for us to enter into a gift-heavy season (e.g birthdays and Christmas) and we’d go overdrawn and start to feel the pressure build up. God was certainly providing for us, but we…I…wasn’t being a faithful steward of what He was providing us with.

Then came CAP Money.

Michelle is generally a lot better than I am with money and administrative stuff, but for some reason I really felt that I should be the one who attended the 3 week course.

And I’m so glad that I did cos it changed everything for us!

It wasn’t so much that I learned any new ninja money-raising skills (though I was encouraged to look again at child tax credits, which was very helpful!) It was more the tools that I was given to budget effectively that really did the trick (the online budgeting calculator is EPIC!) By simply taking on board the advice given and spending some quality time working out incomings, outgoings and spending priorities with Michelle and my friend Andy Rees, it took less than a month for us to be in full control of our finances. Consequently, this is what the last 12 months have looked like:

  • We haven’t been overdrawn once, not even for a day!
  • We have managed to go on holiday without paying for it afterwards.
  • We have successfully navigated multiple birthdays and a Christmas!
  • Our car has been MOT’d and had other necessary work done on it.
  • We’ve been in a position to be far more generous in our giving to others.
  • The dog is still alive!

So all-in-all it’s been a fantastic year for the family. Now I want to be clear that God gets all the glory for His faithful provision for us. We continue to live by faith, trusting in God’s sovereign care, and we acknowledge that every good gift we receive by the hands of His people ultimately comes from His kind hands.

But we are also so grateful to God for CAP Money, because those sessions last June have really helped us to be more self-controlled, more integral, more at peace and more able to bless others. Ministry can be a thankless task at times so we wanted to be faithful to thank and honour those responsible for delivering CAP Money at Hill City last year, and to recommend the course to anyone out there who wants to get their finances under control.

Thanks guys!

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