Gospel tract give-away


Today I received a big, fat, chunky box from the Good Book Company. It was jammed full of tracts (simple leaflets that explain the gospel).

I wrote these tracts several years ago and every time they get reprinted I get sent a free batch – hence the hefty parcel that arrived today. Thing is, as passionate as I am about sharing the gospel, it’s probably going to take me several years to get through this lot, so I’d like to offer some to you guys for FREE!

There are 2 different tracts, one called The Remedy, which is a simply written generic gospel leaflet with helpful illustrations (you can take a look inside here). The other is called Sorted and is aimed more specifically at young people and students. It’s a photo-based tract with an urban theme that unpacks a few key bible verses (again, you can take a look inside here).

So, whether you’re an evangelist, pastor, open air preacher, itinerant minister, youth worker, community outreach coordinator, or a faithful witness at work, if you think that you could use some of these leaflets then please do get in touch with me. I’m probably not able to post them to you (cos I’m not made of money), so we can either arrange a collection or you can chuck me a few quid for postage. You can find all my contact details on my about.me page.

Look forward to hearing from you.


2 thoughts on “Gospel tract give-away

  1. Hi,
    I can use both tracts – the youth one with teenagers in our club and both with Rainbow of Hope.
    I live in Llanishen in Cardiff; are you in Cardiff in the near future?
    Rita Bright

  2. Hey Rita, thanks for reaching out. I’m in Cardiff on Friday and will be dropping into the Rainbow of Hope Centre. Shall I leave some there for you?

    God bless

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