Month: November 2015

Cardiff Carols

CUqccIXWEAQaT8PHey guys, quick heads up about a really exciting event happening in Cardiff next week. Cardiff Carols is taking place at Cardiff Arms Park on Thursday 3rd December and it’s going to be epic!

Tickets are just £4 (£2 for under 12’s). You can find out more information here.

Why not make every effort to get there and be part of something truly special and Christ-exalting in our capital this Christmas?



Philip the Evangelist


Earlier this week I had the privilege of spending the morning with a motley posse of OAC evangelists. What’s more I even got to teach the Bible too! The theme they gave me was “The role of the evangelist in the local church” and I had 2 sessions in order to unpack that theme. The first session was more a theological framework for where evangelists fit into the local church. In the second session, however, I took a slightly different approach and chose to profile an evangelist from Scripture. The guy I picked was Philip who is the only chap in the whole of the Bible who’s actually called “the evangelist” (Acts 21v8). So I started to research Philip going all the way  back to his first encounter with Jesus. What unfolded was a marathon investigation that truly blessed my socks off as I studied and that resulted in a 22 point sermon (that I managed to preach in under 45mins!! THAT’S A MIRACLE). The example of Philip the Evangelist seemed to encourage the men and women who were there on Tuesday, so I thought his example may encourage you too. So here are 22 things that Philip can teach us about the life, character and ministry of the evangelist:

Philip the Evangelist was…

1. Christ follower (John 1 v 43)

2. Instinctive witness (John 1 v 44-46)

3. Resilient witness (John 1 v 46)

4. Fruitful witness (John 1 v 47-49)

5. Prayer Warrior (Acts 1 v 12-14)

6. Humble Servant (Acts 6 v 1-2)

7. Team player (Acts 6 v 3)

8. Right-living (Acts 6 v 3)

9. Spirit-filled (Acts 6 v 3)

10. Wise (Acts 6 v 3)

11. Church approved (Acts 6 v 5-6)

12. Courageous (Acts 8 v 3-5)

13. Gospel Preacher (Acts 8 v 5-6)

14. Miracle Worker (Acts 8 v 6-7)

15. Joy Bringer (Acts 8 v 8)

16. Freak Magnet (Acts 8 v 9-13)

17. Obedient (Acts 8 v 26-29)

18. Eager (Acts 8 v 30)

19. Astute (Acts 8 v 30)

20. Winsome (Acts 8 v 30-34)

21. Focussed (Acts 8 v 35-39)

22. Relentless (Acts 8 v 40)