My Year on Instagram, 2015

Anyone who follows me on Instagram will know that I take a lot of photos. Consequently last year I posted a review of my year in photo format, and I have the done the same again this year. As with last year I found it really hard to narrow it down to just one photo per month. But I did. I’ve tried to make the photos as varied as possible too – some local, some international. Some rural, some urban. Some colour, some black and white.


JANUARY: snow-swept tree in Trevethin
FEBRUARY: gorgeous, hazy winter sunrise from Trevethin
MARCH: heading home after a family adventure up Garn Wen
APRIL: sun setting over the Eastern Valley from our front gate
MAY: a man and his dog, Llanhilleth
JUNE: stars, stripes and skyscrapers, Miami
JULY: view down the valley and across the Severn Estuary from the Folly
AUGUST: just another incredible Trevethin sunset
SEPTEMBER: clouds and crowds in Cardiff
OCTOBER: autumn adventure with Elen, Jo and Cassie, Lasgarn Woods
NOVEMBER: Newport transporter bridge above the Usk in thick fog
DECEMBER: tree silhouette against a crisp Trevethin sunrise 



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