2016 in photos

JANUARY – a typical wintry morning in Trevethin. I love the contrast of the shaded, frosty foreground and the warm, sun-bathed mountains in the background.


FEBRUARY – took this photo whilst taking a walk around Edinburgh’s picturesque city centre. Every time I look at it I see something new.


MARCH – appreciated this┬áhazy, horsey, sunny view from the summit of Garn Wen whilst walking up there with the family.


APRIL – visited the Colosseum in Rome whilst attending the Acts 29 Resolved conference. A truly remarkable building with a harrowing history.


MAY – the Hankey kids getting excited ahead of flying home from Scotland after a fabulous weekend away preaching with Niddrie Community Church.


JUNE – on one of many training rides in the local hills I looked over my shoulder and clocked this stunning rainbow over the valley. Amazing!


JULY – another shot from one of my bike rides – this one is of the Skirrid mountain taken from the Dunes.


AUGUST – my photo of the year! Taken at the summit of the toughest climb on our marathon ride across Wales, it captures perfectly the beauty and brotherhood of that ride.


SEPTEMBER – having left the hills and greens of the valleys to begin a new gospel adventure in inner-city Cardiff, this photo captures the landscape of our new community.


OCTOBER – one of the reasons we moved back to Cardiff was to advance the work of Red Community. This was the Walk for Freedom we organised in Cardiff.


NOVEMBER – Cranes standing tall above Cardiff’s forever changing horizon.


DECEMBER – walking the dog on a misty, wintry morning in the local park with my littlest.

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