Month: January 2018

2017 in Photos

JANUARY – a damp, misty and murky morning in Cardiff Bay with the sun threatening to break through.
FEBRUARY –  a cheeky game of snooker with my good friend, Dave, was one of my favourite ways of escaping the madness this year. Gutted when they closed the Snooker centre down! 
MARCH –  swans on Roath Lake. Probably my favourite photo of the year!
APRIL –  Cycling around Splott and was stopped in my tracks by the bleakness of this scene. Made me pray more earnestly for this community.
MAY –  Family trip to Penarth. Loved the symmetry and the shades in this shot of the iconic pier.
JUNE –  I didn’t choose this shot because of the quality of the photography but because of its significance – this is the first ever bucket of coffee we roasted at Manumit.
JULY –  Visited Derwent Water whilst on a family break at the Keswick Convention. Arrived just in time for this stunning sunset.
AUGUST –  Took this moody, shadowy shot of my son, Josiah, throwing a ball whilst playing cricket on our church’s day trip to Rest Bay, Porthcawl.
SEPTEMBER –  after visiting a church in our community that had just closed its doors for the last time we stepped outside and found this cap on the floor. It’s significant!
OCTOBER – late night, bright light groceries. One of the many things that I love about Cardiff’s Clifton Street is that there are shops open all night long.
NOVEMBER – the only photo I didn’t take but I had to use it because the sunset is beautiful, the woman I’m cwtching is beautiful and the adventure we are still on together is beautiful. (Thanks for the photo Vicky!)
DECEMBER – we miss the natural beauty of the valleys so much, therefore sunsets over the inner-city that we now call home mean more to us than words (or this photo) can express.