The land of my fathers weeps

The land of my fathers weeps
Truth is fallen in the street
The shadow’s deepening
Our nation ravaged by sin

Once bowed in awe of the Most High
We now raise 2 fingers and stroll on by
We think we’re free but in reality
We’re just slaves to the chains of iniquity
Rebellion courses through the arteries
of fractured society
The venom of the serpent’s bite

Justice staggers
Hope drains away

Beauty is broken
But God has spoken

Dangerous darkness shrouds our land
Yet the Father places His seed in our hand
And that seed – though small – is all we need
For that seed – the gospel – is strong indeed

See, from the seed salvation springs
The church is born and spreads her wings
So beauty blossoms and life begins
Resurrection dawns on deathly things

In the seed is light and life
The relentless love of Jesus Christ
This gospel seed is the good news of grace
The power of God that liberates
The soul that sin intoxicates

But the seed does not belong in a box
It must be gripped and gathered
And lavishly scattered
That vibrant colours of life might shatter
The canopy of night
With explosions of redemption’s light

The King commissions and calls us
To take the seed where there’s greatest need
Where souls are cold where the nation bleeds
Where poverty, pride, hate and disgrace is
To unleash His grace in the craziest places
An army of love invading the spaces
Where darkness dwells
Where hell on earth is

It’s time…

Give us faith to step up and fight
To hold fast truth and wield the light

To grow gardens in gutters
Sow seeds of life
To plant churches
That plant churches
That plant churches for Christ

Written March, 2017

One thought on “The land of my fathers weeps

  1. Amen. Amen. Amend your focus brothers; Adapt your life to shine the light of Christ to your neighbors and friends; Announcing the return of our glourious ressurected King. Repeat. Release. Regain. Amen.

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