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Eric Says Sorry


Hey guys, I am excited to announce that tomorrow my latest children’s book Eric Says Sorry is being released. Essentially this is a story that sets about introducing children to the concept of God’s grace and it is, I honestly think, one of the best and most important things I’ve ever written! After all, if our kids can grasp grace at a young age – they grasp one of the most precious jewels that the gospel of Jesus Christ offers to us.

You can listen to the story in the video below (recorded by a really rough looking guy who looks similar to me but has a shaggy beard and an eye infection). And if you like it you can order it from the Good Book Company here (and even post a favourable review if yer that way inclined!)


Eric Says Thanks – Video!

Early next year my first ever kids book, Eric Says Thanks, goes on sale. To give you an idea of what the book is like my publishers, The Good Book Company, have created this video that includes artwork by Xavier Bonet and myself reading the story out.

Really hope you enjoy it!

You can pre-order a copy of ‘Eric Says Thanks’ here.

Eric Says Thanks


I am seriously excited to share this post. The image above is the front cover of my first ever kids book – Eric Says Thanks.

This book has been a couple of years in the making and all came from a harvest assembly that I did at the local primary school that my kids attend. The assembly was so well received that I decided to write it up as a rhyming story. I showed it to the Good Book Company, who decided to take a punt on it and publish it! The book’s illustrations have been created by Xavier Bonet.

What’s more, TGBC have commissioned a further 2 Eric books which will also be available in due course.

Eric Says Thanks is now available for pre-order here.

Here are some of the endorsements for Eric Says Thanks:

Absolutely brilliant! I can’t wait to read it with my grandchildren!
– Rob Parsons

The Lord instructs us to teach our kids “in the way”. Get comfy, open this book with your kids and together embark on a delightful journey of discovery. It all starts with a humble piece of toast as Eric traces his way along a fun, rhyming path of thankfulness all the way to our generous God, his word – and a timely invitation for us all to join Eric in thanking God for his many good gifts. I’ve got a feeling Eric could start something quite lovely in lots of little – and big – lives!
– Colin Buchanan

Research has proven that gratitude is the healthiest human emotion. Kids who grow up grateful end up being great adults, and here’s a simple tool to teach it to your children.
– Rick Warren

Endorsements for ‘A Man’s Greatest Challenge’


It’s always humbling when people say nice things about stuff I’ve written. Here’s what some people have been saying about my latest book:

“Dai has done it again—managed to write a book that is both simple and hard to read ! Simple, because it is not long or complex; hard, because it is challenging to download into our lives. But that’s a mark of a good book. It will help to identify your flaws and weaknesses, and discover a Christ-shaped, grace-filled response which leads to self-control.”
Peter Baker, Senior Pastor at Lansdowne Baptist Church, Bournemouth, UK

“Dai Hankey has written an extremely helpful book for men and their struggles. Focussing on the core issue of self-control, this book has the capacity to set a man free from nagging sin and shame. I would recommend it as a book to be read by all—from teen through to senior.”
Jamie Rasmussen, Senior Pastor, Scottsdale Bible Church, Arizona

“If this is your issue (and I suspect it is, given that you’ve picked up this book), then this is the place to start for clear, helpful, practical, gospel-motivated wisdom. It’s going to be what we use with the guys at my church who, like me, struggle to get to grips with our ungodly desires.”
Richard Perkins, Senior Minister at Christ Church Balham, London and Director of the Antioch Plan; member of London Men’s Convention committee

“Here is a timely, punchy book, filled with biblical truth, that will give fresh hope to the significant number of Christian men who have lost their assurance, usefulness and joy through a lack of self-control.”
Paul Rees, Senior Pastor at Charlotte Chapel, Edinburgh

“All of us men struggle with self-control; and we seem to struggle with losing it in many of the same areas. This book reminds us that self-control is not only a gospel project, it is a church-wide project in which we all must play a part. So, if your desire is to struggle less and look like Jesus more, then you’ll want to gather your friends and read this book together.”
Juan R. Sanchez Jr, Senior Pastor, High Pointe Baptist Church, Austin, Texas, USA; Gospel Coalition Council member

“A Man’s Greatest Challenge is no silver bullet when it comes to temptation and self-control. But neither should it be. Our help comes not from man’s wisdom or experience, but from the Lord Jesus Christ. Dai Hankey points us very clearly to this powerful gospel. No silver bullet—but genuine hope for changed lives.”
Dave McDonald, Senior Pastor at Stromlo Christian Church, Canberra, Australia, and Chaplain to ACT Brumbies; author of “Hope Beyond Cure”

“The smouldering ruins of a great city, walls breached and overthrown, is how the Bible pictures a life without self-control. Using this biblical picture, A Man’s Greatest Challenge speaks Christ-centred challenge and hope into lives wrecked by a lack of self-control. This is an issue I face, as do my friends and church family. The combination of close biblical study and Dai’s frank honesty makes this book that is both biblical and useful—a real-world guidebook full of grace and hope.
John Hindley, Pastor of BroadGrace, Norfolk, UK; author of “Serving without Sinking” and “You Can Really Grow”

“Men, read this book! In tackling the challenge of self-control, Dai shows that lasting hope lies not in will power but gospel power—its comfort and its call.”
Gavin Peacock, Missions Pastor at Calvary Grace Church, Canada; former Chelsea and Newcastle midfielder

You can find out more about the book and pre-order your copy here.

Share your self-control story…


Ladies, I’m afraid this post is exclusively for the fellas…

Brothers,  but I need your help!

Last month I put the finishing touches to the manuscript for a book that I have been working on for the last year or so. Like my previous book, this one is again aimed at men and it addresses the issue of self-control. The title is “A Man’s Greatest Challenge: how to build self-control that lasts” and it set for release by The Good Book Company in September. As you’d expect, I’m really excited about the book and am praying that it will help and encourage men of all ages in their battle for self-control.

But here’s where I need your help. My editor thinks that it would be really good if we could supplement each of the chapters with real-life testimonies of men for whom self-control is / has been an issue. (By the way, this isn’t just a book about how blokes struggle with porn – it covers ALL aspects of self-control – anger, time management, finances, technology etc.) What we are looking for is men who would be willing to write 250-300 words of frank and honest testimony about their experience from just one of seven different angles of conquering self-control.

Could that be you?



Just a quick heads-up about a book that was released today by my friend Tim Chester. Tim is a prolific author and has blessed the church with some phenomenal books over recent years, not least You Can Change, Captured By A Better Vision and A Meal With Jesus, as well as co-authoring Total Church and Everyday Church, to name just a few titles! He’s also director of Porterbrook Seminary and pastor of The Crowded House, Sheffield.

However, his latest book is especially exciting as it addresses an issue that I’m deeply passionate about. The book, titled “Unreached: Growing churches in working-class and deprived areas” is a timely, provocative and much-needed book that Tim has spent a long time researching and writing.

Here’s the blurb:

‘When I became a Christian, I didn’t have many Christian men to look up to. There were few who could show me what a council-estate Christian looked like.’ Duncan Forbes

Think of the thriving evangelical churches in your area, and the chances are that they will be in the nice areas of town and their leaders will be middle class.

Unreached is about reaching deprived, urban, working-class areas, often estates or housing schemes. It offers us the combined experience of the Reaching the Unreached working group, an informal network of Christian leaders from different parts of the UK.

This book doesn’t claim to offer the final word, but it presents us with a vision of what can be done. We pray that it will start a vital process in all our hearts and minds.

Much of the content of Unreached has been shaped and inspired by the Reaching the Unreached working group, of which I am a member. I’m humbled that several of my blog entries that featured on the RTU site have been included in this book, but that’s not why I’m profiling the book here on my blog. I’m profiling it because it raises important questions about the mission and gospel ambitions for our churches in the UK to grapple with, not least how do we best serve and see the gospel take root in the poorest and most deprived communities in the UK? I’m so grateful to Tim for the thought, passion and courage that he has so clearly poured into this work.

Check out some of the things that people have been saying about Unreached:

“Tim Chester has done the church in the UK a great service. This is thoughtful analysis at its best, supplemented by some excellent practical suggestions and ideas for reaching a part of British community that is seriously under-represented in the life of the national church. Tim’s passion is to make sure that the under-represented are not the unreached!”

Stephen Gaukroger, Director of Clarion Trust International and former President of the Baptist Union.

“This book is the fruit of passionate engagement of local churches with struggling neighbourhoods across the UK. It offers flashes of penetrating insight and perception into the challenges and opportunities of ministry in our more deprived areas.”

Frog Orr-Ewing, Rector of Latimer Minster and Chaplain and Missioner to the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.

“This is excellent. It breaks new ground, is outspoken and provocative, but issues a straightforward challenge which the evangelical community in the UK desperately needs to hear. In some places it will not be popular, but it is absolutely clear that the writing is driven by a missionary passion and by a profound desire to see truth transforming areas of our society which for far too long have been closed off to effective Christian witness because of the middle-class captivity of the majority of congregations., The work is enhanced by being based on actual experience, both of Tim and the colleagues he draws into this narrative, and it is further enriched by the intensely practical nature of its conclusions and suggestions.”

David Smith, Senior Research Fellow at International Christian College, Glasgow, and author of a number of books on Christian mission, including Seeking a City with Foundations.

“Tim Chester has worked hard to show how the raw, uncut gospel must be applied in the ‘unreached’ people groups of once ‘Christian’ nations. He writes form both ministry experience and a passion for the gospel. He is also wised-up about the missional challenges before us, bringing valuable practical insight and needed advice for the reader.”

Joel Virgo, Church Elder, Church of Christ the King, Brighton

So, GO BUY THE BOOK! You can find it here.

The Hard Corps: Endorsed by Mez McConnell

Mez McConnell is one of the most inspiring church planters I know. He leads Niddrie Community Church on the Niddrie housing scheme in Edinburgh and is committed to seeing a shed-load more churches planted on similar schemes across Scotland. His testimony is compelling (check out the video below) and also his book). His blog is essential reading too. Here’s what he had to say about the Hard Corps:

“To be honest, when I saw the title of this book, my heart sank as I thought, “Oh no, not another one of these gung-ho let’s all be bare chested Christian, male, super heroes” type of books that seem to be all the rage in certain circles these days. I am glad to say, however, that in this case I was happy to be very wrong. This is a warm, witty and practical book that could be used significantly as a study guide with young male believers in our churches. Based on king David’s ‘Mighty Men’ each of the 7 chapters offers us some insight into how to live the Christian life boldly, confidently and adventurously for the glory of Jesus. The language is decidedly quirky, simple and yet warmly engaging as the author challenges men to stand up and be counted as disciples of Jesus Christ. Each chapter is followed by a set of questions to help us think through the issues discussed and to consider relevant scriptures to the topic at hand. As the author so eloquently puts it: “Let’s be men who leave behind us a legacy of grace-changed lives. And may Christ the King get all the glory for it.” A good tool for young men and warmly recommended.”

Here’s Mez’s testimony:

[vimeo 48528415]

The Hard Corps: Endorsed by Steve Timmis

Steve Timmis is director of Acts 29 Western Europe – the church planting network that I belong to. He is also a leader at the Crowded House and co-author of Total Church (amongst other titles). Here’s what he had to say about the Hard Corps:

“Some books are sophisticated, smooth and subtle. This is not one of them. In fact, it should carry a warning for those with a sensitive disposition. It is hard hitting, confronting and very challenging. For all of its bite & boldness, the book displays a sure touch when it comes to handling the Bible because we are always taken to Jesus, the true hero. This is a great book for men to help them consider the call & claims of King Jesus. But in the end, you will not just be challenged about masculinity, you will be taken to the feet of the Ultimate Man so you can act like a real man and worship.”

You can pre-order a copy of the book from the Good Book Company here.