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Lyrical Liturgy – OUT NOW!!!

Lyrical LiturgyJust a super quick blog post to inform the world (well those who care) that as of 9:30pm last night my new album Lyrical Liturgy is available to download for FREE.

You can download it from NoiseTrade here.

Hope it’s a blessing to you. If it is – please feel free to spread the word.


Three Sixteen feat. Cath Woolridge

LyricalLitHey guys, check out this pre-release track from my new album ‘Lyrical Liturgy’. This was one of my favourite tracks to record, not least because I got to hang out in the studio for the day and record the track with my sister and seriously epic friend Cath Woolridge of SOW.

Based on John 3v16, this track is the ‘Sermon’ track on Lyrical Liturgy, so is pretty much a gospel presentation.

Hope you enjoy it.

Church Clothes

Regular readers of the rant know that I love rap, especially when it’s God-honouring, Christ-exalting…and bangin’!! If you don’t like rap then this post will almost certainly do your nut in and you probably want to stop reading now!

OK, if you’re still with me, I’ll make it simple:


If you’re not familiar with Lecrae you can check out his profile here. You can also watch a short video of his testimony here. Lecrae is one of the most high profile and well respected Christian rappers out there and each time he records a new album it seems to push the bar musically and lyrically and is always well worth the price tag. Which is why ‘Church Clothes’ is such a gift cos it’s an 18 track mixtape that’s COMPLETELY FREE to download! However, unlike his previous releases Church Clothes is clearly not aimed at the ‘safe’ target Christian market, but rather it’s aim is reaching out to those without Christ, and I think that’s why I love it. It’s gritty, raw, uncompromising and uncomfortable, but never gratuitously or unnecessarily. Some of the tracks literally put a lump in my throat, especially the penultimate track ‘Sacrifice’. The title track is pretty immense too (check out the video below!)

Perhaps the greatest compliment I can give Church Clothes is that it really stirred up my passion for reaching the lost. Furthermore it inspired me to start writing lyrics again. I’m kind of in the middle of a mixtape project myself but haven’t written anything for almost 9 months. But last night, I finally put pen to paper again and it felt good!

Anyway, back to Church Clothes – don’t take my word for it, go download it and see for yourself. You can get it here.


[vimeo 41921421]

Urban Hymns

If you’re anywhere near Abergavenny this weekend, why not come along to a little gig I’m rapping at?

It’s called Urban Hymns, it’s going down at 7 Corners in Abergavenny.

All the info is on the flyer below.

Maybe see you there…

Acapella Gospel Goodness

Nothing like a bit of acapella gospel rap action to bless you on a Thursday, so here goes. Nuff respect to Shai Linne for being a faith-fuelled, grace-giving, truth-talking, Scripture-spitting lyrical legend! It’s just such good, solid, encouraging stuff!

Hope you enjoy…

Coming For Me

I’m really appreciating this new music video that addresses the suffering endured by the saints of the persecuted church!

‘Coming for Me’ is a Preacher Boy Music/Open Doors Youth collabo, performed by The Frontline (a.k.a – Armor, Guvna B, E Tizz, New Direction Crew, McGladius, Jahaziel and S.O.) Frankly, it’s a phenomenal, albeit emotionally-charged track, that confronts us with the savage reality of what it costs to be a follower of Jesus in many parts of the world today. It’s gritty, but not gratuitous; hard-hitting but hope-giving.

Here’s the official line on what it’s all about:

We wanted to do something authentic, that we hope will represent the severe circumstances that Christians under persecution face on a daily basis.

The video contains mulitple clips of true accounts of Christians suffering and living in fear. These strong images represent the countless victims who are assaulted, maimed and even martyred because of their faith in Jesus Christ.

Open Doors alongside the artists sharing are lending their voices to the struggle with the hope to give a voice to the voiceless.

We ask that you would do the same.

For more information and to see what you can do for the Persecuted Church please visit:

“We rarely view the truth of it all, because the news only bring us what they choose to report.” – Jahaziel

Let’s prayerfully do all we can to bring about change.

If you’re feeling this track, or even just the message behind it, why not download it from iTunes and support the cause? Even better download it, then spread the word through Twitter, Facebook, blogs, whatever…

Let’s stand with our suffering brothers and sisters.

Mixing Coffee & Compassion at Starbucks

On Saturday 30th October, myself and my co-pilot James (the Junglist) Richards have been granted permission to do a non-stop DJ set at Cwmbran Starbucks, in order to raise money for our Compassion children in Burkina Faso. We will be playing drum & bass, liquid funk and breaks all day (at a sociable volume) for people to enjoy whilst supping their cappuccinos. Anyone who wants to make a donation can be assured that every single penny will go towards mosquito nets, play equipment and teaching facilities for the children of Compassion project BF201 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (the world’s 3rd poorest country).

We are so grateful to God for this opportunity and are praying that it will prove a huge blessing both to the punters at Starbucks, and especially to our precious Burkina kids!

Come and support us if you can.


In Memory Of Mam

So as my first Mother’s Day since losing mam to cancer draws to close, I thought I’d just take a bit of time to reflect on some stuff. I have to confess that I found today a lot harder than I thought I would, with tears flowing freely as my kids jumped on their mammy this morning, and then again in church as we sang ‘Faithful One’ and I recalled just how faithful God has been to me since mam died in October.

Truth is that God blessed me with a fantastic mother for 33 years of my life, and while the pain of her death still hits me for six at times, I thank God for the gospel guarantee that she’s chillin’ with Jesus in paradise right now. I also thank God for the inspiring example of faith, grace and eternal hope that mam was and for the numerous invaluable lessons that she taught me throughout my life. I was especially encouraged recently as I read Proverbs 1v8-9:

“Hear, my son, your father’s instruction, and forsake not your mother’s teaching, for they are a graceful garland for your head and pendants for your neck.”

I suppose the best way to honour and remember my mam is to never forget the things that she taught me by both her words and her life:

  • That God is completely good, even when things like cancer enter the equation.
  • That the Bible is God’s Word and completely trustworthy.
  • That prayer is both powerful and crucial.
  • That the love of Christ is irresistible.
  • That we can ALWAYS come back to the cross and find grace.
  • That no one is beyond the merciful reach of God.
  • That family is special.
  • That commitment to local church is important.
  • That creation reveals the majesty of God in a profound way.
  • That heaven is a reality that becomes more and more visible the closer that death gets.
  • That in Jesus we always have a reason to smile, to sing and to celebrate.

She obviously taught me loads of other cool stuff too, but that’s what comes to mind tonight. I thought I’d finish off by posting a rap that I performed in church this morning. It was written right in the middle of mam’s battle with cancer and is dedicated to her and to the two other precious girls in my life, for whom I am incredibly grateful to God for, my wife and my daughter.

Thank you Jesus for my mam and my girls!

Truemcee: My Girls

Alone With My Thoughts

We hosted a Bible Overview Breakfast in Pontypool with Steve Levy on Saturday. It was a cracking morning that featured an insanely tasty breakfast and some frank, provocative and insightful teaching. The highlight for me was Steve’s second session in which he explained how the Bible reveals things about God that are uncomfortably true, and the ways in which we should respond. One of the things I found particularly helpful was the idea that Scripture (especially the Psalms) encourages us to approach God with a raw, honest vulnerability.

Which is why 2 days later I was stoked to discover Brewer. Brewer is a Christian grime (UK urban rap akin to what I do) artist who has just released a new ‘mixtape’ as a free download, and it’s buzzin! Alone With My Thoughts definitely holds its own musically, but it’s the lyrics that have really got me gripped and prompted me to give it a mention on the blog. It features some of the most raw and honest lyrics that I have come across in Christian grime and it manages to tread the difficult line between being unnecessarily gritty and real enough to be completely authentic. Some of the tracks aren’t necessarily comfortable listening because they’re real, and I think that’s what I love about it – it’s not so much Christian grime as grime that’s been written by a Christian. It’s the gospel applied to real life – sometimes overtly, sometimes covertly, but shining throughout each track like a silver thread. So often it says “I’m struggling…I’m going down…I can’t cope…I gotta cling to Christ!”

I think I just like hearing honesty in a genre of music that’s too often full of fakeness, fronting, and shallow sentiment! This project is real, creative and seriously flippin’ deep! Above all it’s free, which is insane cos I would have paid hard cash for this!!

Anyway, check out the intro track below and if you like it – get the full thing here.

Sanctified Rap

shai linneOne of the most significant things that happened to me while I was away in Sheffield last week was my introduction to the music of Shai Linne – a Christ-exalting rapper from Philapdelphia. Basically I just can’t believe that I never came across this guy before – he’s a flippin’ legend!

He’s pretty much a hybrid of Snoop Dogg and John Calvin!

Without any shadow of a doubt his album The Atonement (that I downloaded immediately) contains the most profound lyrics that I have ever heard by any Christian artist. Just rock solid theology that revolves around the person and work of Jesus, coupled with sick beats and slick rhymes. The two stand-out tracks for me are firstly, Atonement Q&A in which Shai Linne explains all the big Bible words that most preachers wouldn’t touch with a barge pole (expiation, propitiation etc). Secondly, Mission Accomplished – the only track I have ever heard that unpacks Limited Atonement (in a clearer and more helpful way than I’ve ever heard it presented by anyone else ever!)

In short, if you like Hip Hop and reformed theology – YOU HAVE TO BUY SHAI LINNE’S MUSIC!!! You can visit his Myspace page here. I’ve also embedded a YouTube video of WOTM Radio’s response to Atonement Q&A – it’s hilarious!

Thank you Lord for blessing this man with grace and skills that give such glory to Your Name!