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2016 in photos

JANUARY – a typical wintry morning in Trevethin. I love the contrast of the shaded, frosty foreground and the warm, sun-bathed mountains in the background.


FEBRUARY – took this photo whilst taking a walk around Edinburgh’s picturesque city centre. Every time I look at it I see something new.


MARCH – appreciated this hazy, horsey, sunny view from the summit of Garn Wen whilst walking up there with the family.


APRIL – visited the Colosseum in Rome whilst attending the Acts 29 Resolved conference. A truly remarkable building with a harrowing history.


MAY – the Hankey kids getting excited ahead of flying home from Scotland after a fabulous weekend away preaching with Niddrie Community Church.


JUNE – on one of many training rides in the local hills I looked over my shoulder and clocked this stunning rainbow over the valley. Amazing!


JULY – another shot from one of my bike rides – this one is of the Skirrid mountain taken from the Dunes.


AUGUST – my photo of the year! Taken at the summit of the toughest climb on our marathon ride across Wales, it captures perfectly the beauty and brotherhood of that ride.


SEPTEMBER – having left the hills and greens of the valleys to begin a new gospel adventure in inner-city Cardiff, this photo captures the landscape of our new community.


OCTOBER – one of the reasons we moved back to Cardiff was to advance the work of Red Community. This was the Walk for Freedom we organised in Cardiff.


NOVEMBER – Cranes standing tall above Cardiff’s forever changing horizon.


DECEMBER – walking the dog on a misty, wintry morning in the local park with my littlest.

My Year on Instagram, 2015

Anyone who follows me on Instagram will know that I take a lot of photos. Consequently last year I posted a review of my year in photo format, and I have the done the same again this year. As with last year I found it really hard to narrow it down to just one photo per month. But I did. I’ve tried to make the photos as varied as possible too – some local, some international. Some rural, some urban. Some colour, some black and white.


JANUARY: snow-swept tree in Trevethin
FEBRUARY: gorgeous, hazy winter sunrise from Trevethin
MARCH: heading home after a family adventure up Garn Wen
APRIL: sun setting over the Eastern Valley from our front gate
MAY: a man and his dog, Llanhilleth
JUNE: stars, stripes and skyscrapers, Miami
JULY: view down the valley and across the Severn Estuary from the Folly
AUGUST: just another incredible Trevethin sunset
SEPTEMBER: clouds and crowds in Cardiff
OCTOBER: autumn adventure with Elen, Jo and Cassie, Lasgarn Woods
NOVEMBER: Newport transporter bridge above the Usk in thick fog
DECEMBER: tree silhouette against a crisp Trevethin sunrise 



Some Photos for my Dad!

My dad spends much of the year enjoying proper sunshine in Greece, or proper winter weather in Canada (you can read about his travels and enjoy his photos here). He’s currently loving life in the Canadian Rockies. However, before he left the soggy Welsh hills for the snow covered peaks of Banff it’s fair to say that the weather had been pretty rank and depressing, even by Welsh standards! Which is why when the sun made a rare appearance on Monday I jumped on my bike and pegged it up the local mountain, Garn Wen. The views were pretty spectacular – not quite the Rockies – but worth taking a few photos of on my phone. So seeing as he wasn’t around to enjoy the beautiful (albeit brief) moment of local sunshine, I thought I’d post my photos on the blog to reassure my dad that it’s not always murky and mingin’ back home. (The bottom one was taken first thing in the morning on my dog walk, not on my bike ride).

These are for you Pops…

Folly from Garn Wen

east from Garn Wen

SW from Garn Wen

Trevethin view

trevethin dawn

Trevethin Winter Photos – January 2013

So winter finally turned up in South Wales!

As I type the heaven’s are dumping tonnes of the white stuff all over the valley, not least over Trevethin. We have well over half a foot of fresh snow lying in our front garden and I fancy there will be a lot more by the time the sun comes up tomorrow morning! Normally, my dad would be out and about loving the wintry madness, but seeing as he’s currently in Canada (enjoying PROPER snow in the Canadian Rockies) I thought I’d post some of the photos I’ve taken so that he doesn’t feel like he totally missed out!

So here, in no particular order is a selection of Trevethin snow shots from the last week: (more…)