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Word Alive 2016


Hey guys, just a quick post to ask for your prayers. This weekend I am privileged to have been invited to attend the Word Alive event in North Wales. I am only there for a day but will be doing A LOT while I am there. The stuff I’m going to be involved with will include:

Story Time: 2 separate slots of reading books to some of the little kids, including Eric Says Thanks.

Red Community: 2 separate slots in the morning celebrations to share about the work of Red Community.

Seminar: leading a 70 minute session in which we will seek to explore how we as God’s people in the UK should respond to the refugee crisis.

Evening Celebration: Preaching in the evening celebration on the second “I am” saying of Jesus “I am the bread of life” from John 6. (You’ll be able to watch a livestream of the evening celebration on Word Alive’s YouTube channel).

I feel really humbled and honoured to be involved and in all sincerity would appreciate your prayers.


#NotOnMyWatch – My Preach

photo-82For those who are interested, I have posted the mp3 of my preach from last Friday evening. It was an incredibly emotional evening, as I expected that it would be, yet I am in no doubt that God was present and people were deeply affected by the call to do justice in His Name. I really knew God’s help as I preached on the issue of trafficking for the first time. I don’t normally post my own sermons up here on the rant, but there has been so much interest in this particular message and this particulat issue that I thought I’d make an exception. Unfortunately the recording from the sound desk failed, but a mate of mine happened to record it from the floor. Therefore, it’s not studio quality, but it’s still a pretty decent sound (thanks Ian!)

You can listen online or right-click and download.




Tomorrow I am privileged to to be speaking at Headlight – an open day event at WEST that is being run in conjunction with WEST, Ignite and SOW. Essentially Headlight is all about getting stuck into God’s Word (one of my favourite subjects) and I’ve got the job of unpacking the subject of Finding Jesus in the Old Testament. It promises to be a fantastic day, so if you’re free, why not join us? The details are below.

You can also visit the Facebook page here.

Last Man Standing 2012

This Saturday I will be preaching about sex.

A lot!

I’m excited and humbled to be asked back to preach at Last Man Standing again this year! If you’re a man who is committed to pursuing sexual purity in this sex-crazed world, you really want to be at Woody Bap in Cardiff this coming Saturday.

You won’t be disappointed!

Pulpit Monologue v Missional Lifestyle: FIGHT!

First guest post to roll in courtesy of my Scottish friend, Mez McConnell, who pastors NCC – a church on the Niddrie housing estate in Edinburgh and who blogs here.

Hope you enjoy it.

Pulpit Monologue v Missional Lifestyle: FIGHT!  

‘Expository preaching’ can appear to be a dirty word in some church planting circles. Likewise, for many the ‘Sunday gathering’ is relegated to an afterthought in the pursuit of authentic ‘missional community’. There is talk that ‘Pulpit Preaching’ (at least in a monologue form) has had its day in the sun and in the brave new world of culture busting community discipleship, it is now the unwelcome guest in the global ‘conversation’. Apparently, Twenty-First Century punters don’t want to be ‘talked at’, and they don’t want so-called ‘truth claims’ thrust down their throats for half an hour by some overexcited, right wing Bible basher. Why should we listen to some bloke spout off at us without any recourse to dialogue or even questioning what he is saying? That’s how much of the ‘new enlightenment‘ (I know, makes me smile too) thinking goes. (more…)

Ignite the Gospel

There are several events coming up in the next few months that I’m involved in either speaking at or organising. I’ll be posting up information about each of them over the coming days for 2 reasons.

1. So that you can get them in your diary, should you wish to do so.

2. To ask you to pray and inform your prayers (as several weeks of kids not sleeping properly has rendered me exhausted and frankly – in need of prayer!)

Anyway the first is Ignite the Gospel – a youth event that attracts young people from across South Wales. As you may be aware I’ve been involved with Ignite for years and even though I no longer have a formal role with them I continue to work with and support as much as I can as I love what they’re about and I have a very strong friendship with the head honcho – Gary Smith. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to this next Ignite event and am grateful for the opportunity to both rap and also preach the gospel that night! Buzzin!!

The event takes place on Sunday 29th January and is held at the Solus Bar at Cardiff Uni. It’s £3 to get in.

Please pray that God would give me an epic message for that evening and that we would see God’s saving hand at work.


Souled Out

This afternoon (14th August) me and the family will be packing our car to the rafters and heading up the A470 to the wonderful world of North Wales.

North Wales is a very special part of the world to me. It’s where I was converted and it’s also where me and Michelle went on honeymoon. We’re really looking forward to an enjoyable, albeit short, break up there, although for me it’s more of a busman’s holiday as the main reason we’re going up is for me to preach at Souled Out Cymru.

Souled Out Cymru is a week-long youth event that takes place in Bala and that attracts young people from all over the place. It’s a privilege to be invited to preach there. My reason for blogging about it is to ask for your prayers, both for my ministry to be fruitful and also for my family to be refreshed. If you’d be willing to pray, this is what the coming week is going to look like:

Travel up to North Wales

Family Time

Family Time

am – First preaching session
pm – Rap/preach at outreach event

am – Teaching Seminar
pm – Michelle giving testimony

am – Second preaching session
pm – travel home

Family time

Thanks so much for your prayers.

You’ll be in mine.


Last Man Standing

I’m speaking at a pretty radical conference in Cardiff on Friday…and it’s unlike any that I’ve ever preached at before (see flyer below).

Here’s an extract of the email invitation I received:

Last Man Standing began as a facebook group with some guys in london who basically set the challenge of who can not wank for the longest, hence the name last man standing. However the facebook group has grown much larger and it was realised that it is a great resource for guys to be accountable and to post helpful resources for each other. It’s also allowed guys to build more honest relationships with each other by catapulting the issues of purity into our conciousness. The group is now really about pointing each other to Christ our example so that we can be men of purity and integrity who can stand for Christ.

Now while I have to state that this is the first time I’ve ever received a preaching invite with the ‘W’ word in it (not a word I use myself), I believe this to be a timely and incredibly important conference to be involved with. In my experience as a man, a friend and a pastor, I would identify sexual sin as the number one cause of shame, frustration and failure amongst Christian men (see stats in previous post).

I therefore count it a privilege to be asked to address a room full of young men on this matter. It’s my intention to open the Bible and teach without compromise the truth about sexual sin, pomography, masturbation etc. and what God has to say about it all. However, it’s also my intention to preach extravagant grace for those who have fallen, and to exalt the Holy Spirit as the source of power who can and will help us to stand in this area.

By God’s grace I’m buzzin’ that I am able to teach on this subject from a long-standing position of freedom and victory. However, I’d really value your prayers as sexual sin is all I seem to be teaching on at the moment (both at church and further afield) and Satan would love to tempt me to fall and expose me as a hypocrite.

Cheers peeps.

Shout Out!

Next Sunday evening Hill City Church are hosting Shout Out!

Shout Out! is an evening of praise, prayer and gospel proclamation.

The focus of the evening is to exalt God in worship, get excited by the truth of His Word, and plead for a new day of mercy and salvation in the Welsh valleys.

Worship will be led by Abi Williams and her band.

Preaching will be done by me.

Prayer will be offered by you!!

It’s free.

It’s open to all.

It’s urgent!

7pm at Cold Barn Farm Trevethin.

See you there!!

The Sweetness & Security of God’s Sovereignty

So we’re 2 weeks into our Joseph series at Hill City Church and already 2 things are happening.

Firstly, by God’s grace the messages seem to be hitting the spot for many of the congregation. I never go hunting for people’s praise when I’ve preached as such behaviour generally leads to smug arrogance or paranoid anxiety – both of which suck. However, I’m not so falsely humble that I can’t cope with it when people who, of their own accord, say what a blessing the sermon’s been. So long as God gets the glory (cos it’s Him who speaks!) then it’s all good!! And it would appear that God has been speaking and challenging the saints in Hill City – and I’m buzzin’ about that!

The truth, however, is that I’m not surprised that the story of Joseph has been blessing people as it’s been completely blowing me away too! I’m personally getting more out of prepping this sermon series than I think I have done with any other series I’ve preached. Last Sunday’s message in particular helped me immensely…

The title was ‘Broken Dreams‘ and essentially charted Joseph’s betrayal, beating, attempted murder and sale into slavery at the hands of his twisted brothers in Genesis 37. The parallels with the salvation story of Jesus were too blatant to overlook, though it was the miracle of God’s sovereignty revealed in this part of the story that really got my blood pumping! In a nutshell the teaching went like this:

God is sovereign – which essentially means that He does whatever He wants!

The reassuring thing about this characteristic of God is that He is also good and He knows best!

This is modelled for us perfectly in this story. When Joseph woke up that morning, he had absolutely no concept what kind of day he was about to have. He woke up healthy, strong, richly robed, secure in his father’s care. By the time the sun went down he was beaten-up, exhausted, naked and fatherless. As he was sold on the cheap and led away in shackles to face an uncertain future, his dreams of future greatness could not have seemed more unlikely or impossible.

Yet all of this was not just permitted, but actually planned by a sovereign God who sees everything, knows best and loves His people in ways that are higher than we can ever fully understand. God’s plans are always to ultimately prosper us and not to harm us, to give us hope and bright future (Jeremiah 29v11) We all know how Joseph’s story ends – governor of Egypt, saving his nation from death, vindicated before his brothers, reunited with his dad and preserving the family line of Jesus!

This was God loving Joseph and keeping His promises. But boy did it hurt at the time!

And this gives me such hope for my life and the lives of the saints I love at Hill City Church. The painful, unjust and seemingly hopeless situations that we face are part of the master-plan of a loving sovereign God, and while we may never really get our heads around just how He is at work, we can still be confident in this:

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8v28)

This is the sweetness and the security of trusting a sovereign God!