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Lyrical Liturgy – OUT NOW!!!

Lyrical LiturgyJust a super quick blog post to inform the world (well those who care) that as of 9:30pm last night my new album Lyrical Liturgy is available to download for FREE.

You can download it from NoiseTrade here.

Hope it’s a blessing to you. If it is – please feel free to spread the word.



Three Sixteen feat. Cath Woolridge

LyricalLitHey guys, check out this pre-release track from my new album ‘Lyrical Liturgy’. This was one of my favourite tracks to record, not least because I got to hang out in the studio for the day and record the track with my sister and seriously epic friend Cath Woolridge of SOW.

Based on John 3v16, this track is the ‘Sermon’ track on Lyrical Liturgy, so is pretty much a gospel presentation.

Hope you enjoy it.

PnP (Progress not Perfection)


As some of you may know, over the last six months or so I have been slowly but surely recording material for a new album – Lyrical Liturgy. My last few releases have been recorded with my friend Vision up in Birmingham, but this time round I’ve been working with a producer in Cardiff calledĀ Makafui Adorkorbidji (a.k.a MakMizzle). Mak is a young, creative and exciting producer who comes more from the hip-hop/RnB end of the spectrum than myself (my back ground is more grime) but the energy and excellence that he is pouring into my music has been so refreshing. (More about my new music in the near future!) Anyway, it’s impossible to spend as much time with someone like Mak and not to become friends with them. I think it’s fair to say that we’re good mates now! Consequently I always look forward to heading down to Grangetown to hang out with Mak, record tracks and enjoy good banter.

So all that said, it’s a privilege to announce that MakMizzle has just released his own new mixtape project – PnP. It’s a great little project, musically tight with raw, honest lyrics. As well as all that, it’s free to download too!

You can go get it here.

What are you waiting for…?

No longer a slave but a son

So on Wednesday I eventually made it back into the studio for the fist time this year. As always it was a pleasure (and a good laugh) to hook up with my friend MakMizzle at Shockwave.

The goal was to start recording some material for my next project “Lyrical Liturgy”. There’s still a long way to go before the project is finished, but we did manage to get one track recorded – a track called “No longer a slave but a son”, based on my favourite verse in scripture – Galatians 4v7. I’m stoked with how it came out.

I’ve posted the track below for you to check out. I’d love to know what you think, so feel free to post a comment.


Priority + Gravity = Immense Weekend

I ain’t gonna lie – this last weekend was exhausting, and the pressure leading up to it had been pretty intense too! However, here I am typing away on the following Monday morning and I’m BUZZIN! Let me set the scene…

Last year Steve Timmis informed us at Acts29 Europe that Lecrae was interested in coming across to the UK to launch his new album (Gravity) and that he was happy to be involved in an A29 conference should we be able to host one. This was rightly considered to be a dream ticket for us as Lecrae’s profile offered us the opportunity to engage with both young people with a heart for gospel ministry, and also those who are ministering in the inner city and representing a diverse range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. So when Steve asked for some volunteers, like a pair of nutters myself and my mate Kirk stepped up.


Lecrae – Man Up

At the Priority conference on Saturday, we have asked Lecrae to speak on what it means to be a Gospel Priority Man. We gave him this topic because we know that it is an issue that he and his 116 crew are all passionate about. The Man Up ministry that he and 116 have launched is evidence of this. Check out this track…

Lecrae – I am Second

So this coming weekend (Saturday 22nd) is the BIG ONE! Lecrae is coming to Manchester for a day of gospel ministry and musical madness. Priority + Gravity is going to be an epic double-header and I’m buzzin’ to be involved.

As the countdown to the 22nd begins, I’m going to be posting various Lecrae-ish stuff each day this week.

First up, an up-close and personal interview that Lecrae did for I Am Second.



Tickets are now shifting quickly for both Priority + Gravity. You can get yours here.