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The land of my fathers weeps

The land of my fathers weeps
Truth is fallen in the street
The shadow’s deepening
Our nation ravaged by sin

Once bowed in awe of the Most High
We now raise 2 fingers and stroll on by
We think we’re free but in reality
We’re just slaves to the chains of iniquity
Rebellion courses through the arteries
of fractured society
The venom of the serpent’s bite

Justice staggers
Hope drains away

Beauty is broken
But God has spoken

Dangerous darkness shrouds our land
Yet the Father places His seed in our hand
And that seed – though small – is all we need
For that seed – the gospel – is strong indeed

See, from the seed salvation springs
The church is born and spreads her wings
So beauty blossoms and life begins
Resurrection dawns on deathly things

In the seed is light and life
The relentless love of Jesus Christ
This gospel seed is the good news of grace
The power of God that liberates
The soul that sin intoxicates

But the seed does not belong in a box
It must be gripped and gathered
And lavishly scattered
That vibrant colours of life might shatter
The canopy of night
With explosions of redemption’s light

The King commissions and calls us
To take the seed where there’s greatest need
Where souls are cold where the nation bleeds
Where poverty, pride, hate and disgrace is
To unleash His grace in the craziest places
An army of love invading the spaces
Where darkness dwells
Where hell on earth is

It’s time…

Give us faith to step up and fight
To hold fast truth and wield the light

To grow gardens in gutters
Sow seeds of life
To plant churches
That plant churches
That plant churches for Christ

Written March, 2017

Riding Wales for Human Trafficking


unnamed-2Hey guys next week I’m attempting something kinda crazy and would really appreciate your prayers and support.

Riding Wales for Human Trafficking is a 4 day bike ride across Wales from Holyhead to Cardiff that will include several awareness events along the way (including Barmouth, Merthyr Tydfil and Cardiff Bay). We (myself and a small team of mad-heads) are doing this ride to raise awareness about human trafficking and modern slavery, and to raise financial support for IJM.

This might not sound like the biggest challenge in the world, but trust me, it’s going to be a big challenge for me! Until a few months ago the furthest I had ever cycled was 15 miles (as a teenager), so to cover that kind of distance is going to be hard graft. However, while it’s been a crazy season for our family with the house move etc., I have been blessed to be able to get out on my bike quite a bit over the last few months and am therefore in more likely to make the distance than I otherwise would have been.

Anyway, I’m posting this to ask if you would consider sponsoring me and the guys. All money raised will go straight to IJM and will be put to very good use! If you would like to support us financially you can do so here.

If you would like to come to one of our awareness raising events they are taking place at the following locations and we’d love to see you:

Thursday 25th (7:30pm)
Barmouth Elim Church, Barmouth

Saturday 27th  (7:30pm)
Hope Church, Merthyr Tydfil

Sunday 28th  (6pm)
Costa, Mermaid Quay, Cardiff Bay

If you’re interested and are on Strava you can check out some of the training rides that I’ve been doing.

Blessinz dear people. See you soon.


Cardiff Carols

CUqccIXWEAQaT8PHey guys, quick heads up about a really exciting event happening in Cardiff next week. Cardiff Carols is taking place at Cardiff Arms Park on Thursday 3rd December and it’s going to be epic!

Tickets are just £4 (£2 for under 12’s). You can find out more information here.

Why not make every effort to get there and be part of something truly special and Christ-exalting in our capital this Christmas?




This is a poem that I have been working on line-by-line and verse-by-verse ever since the rise of ISIS first hit our screens. It’s my response to what’s happening in Iraq and Syria. It’s very graphic, very raw and very disjointed. My prayer , however, is that it’s ultimately very hopeful.


It’s a CR:ISIS
I’ve never seen nothing like this
My heart’s in bits
Tears flow as I write this

Men torn from their wives and kids
Decapitated corpses dumped in ditches
Vicious violation of precious desert princesses
Snatched and stripped and sold for sex
It’s vile, it’s sick
it’s a CR:ISIS

I’m haunted by this

I got images of terrified kids
Indelibly etched on my irises
Burned on the inside of my eyelids
So every time I close my eyes I witness
The unspeakable evil of this CR:ISIS

Like the face of a boy who watched his sister get raped –
Her throat got slit before they could escape
They were gonna kill him next then the cavalry came
And he broke down and wept and wept and wept
Oh God heal his heart with grace 

I still see the little boy from the Yazidi tribe
Carrying a box with a baby inside
But this was no crib, the baby had died
No time for burials when you’re running for your life
Oh Lord have mercy on this child

But there’s also images that flood my heart with hope
Like the photo of this tiny soul
A young refugee forced to flee brutality with his family
I saw a photo of him clutching his pet bird
In the face of sheer evil some innocence preserved 

There is hope in the midst of this hatred
But we can’t hide from this –
It’s a CR:ISIS

Truth is I don’t know how to process
The spread of this virus of mindless violence
But I gotta confess
There’s a righteous rage
Rising up in my chest that
I’m not prepared to suppress
Cos ignorance is bliss and
I simply will not ignore this
It’s a CR:ISIS

And I defy any true disciple of Christ
To turn a blind eye
To this genocide
We can’t deny their plight and hide
Its time to arise
Turn back the tide
To fall to our knees like a warrior bride
And  C-R-Y out to the most High
Cos it’s the right and righteous way to fight
Against this CR:ISIS

And I’m not placing my faith in Kings or politicians
I’m trusting the One who alone can change the hearts of men
And the direction of my intercession
Is that these terrorists will find true redemption
In the face of the Christ who gives salvation
Cos only grace can change a heart bent on sin

So the prayer I groan as I clench my fist
Is “God be glorified in this!”
This is a CR:ISIS
But my faith is in who
King Jesus Christ is.

Eric Says Thanks


I am seriously excited to share this post. The image above is the front cover of my first ever kids book – Eric Says Thanks.

This book has been a couple of years in the making and all came from a harvest assembly that I did at the local primary school that my kids attend. The assembly was so well received that I decided to write it up as a rhyming story. I showed it to the Good Book Company, who decided to take a punt on it and publish it! The book’s illustrations have been created by Xavier Bonet.

What’s more, TGBC have commissioned a further 2 Eric books which will also be available in due course.

Eric Says Thanks is now available for pre-order here.

Here are some of the endorsements for Eric Says Thanks:

Absolutely brilliant! I can’t wait to read it with my grandchildren!
– Rob Parsons

The Lord instructs us to teach our kids “in the way”. Get comfy, open this book with your kids and together embark on a delightful journey of discovery. It all starts with a humble piece of toast as Eric traces his way along a fun, rhyming path of thankfulness all the way to our generous God, his word – and a timely invitation for us all to join Eric in thanking God for his many good gifts. I’ve got a feeling Eric could start something quite lovely in lots of little – and big – lives!
– Colin Buchanan

Research has proven that gratitude is the healthiest human emotion. Kids who grow up grateful end up being great adults, and here’s a simple tool to teach it to your children.
– Rick Warren

Pixelated Poision

A short poem that I wrote yesterday.

It’s about men and porn and Jesus and grace.

Hope it challenges / blesses / changes / encourages (delete as appropriate).


Pixelated  Poison


It addicts so quick

A generation trafficked with a

Tap >

Swipe >

Click >

That smartphone’s now a siren

That tablet a temptress

Promising pleasure

Delivering death

It’s pixelated poison

Sexual sorcery

Hedonistic heroin

Digital adultery

Too many brothers now shackled in shame

Too many good men taken out of the game

Too much of the world in too much of the church


Let the Holy Spirit stir

And woo you

And purge

And heal

And renew you

And lead you to the cross

Where the Saviour was slaughtered

To redeem broken sons

And make men for our daughters

Find grace in the blood

For the murkiest soul

Come to Jesus my brothers

Be free

Be whole.


Courageous banner

A recent conversation with my friend Adrian about the need for a men’s conference in South Wales soon led to a discussion with the elders of Hill City Church which promptly led to the formation of a steering committee which quickly resulted in the birth of COURAGEOUS! Courageous is a conference for men that is taking place in the Congress Theatre, Cwmbran, on Saturday 2nd November. With a host of speakers, including Gavin Peacock, Mez McConnell and Rob Parsons, as well as various seminars and other surprises, Courageous promises to be a huge blessing to the hundreds of men who will be attending.

For more information check out the website: You can also follow Courageous on Twitter. As soon as the tickets come on line I’d suggest that you snap them up sharpish as early indications suggest that it will sell out fast!


Hankey Adventures Pt.1: Souled Out

So after literally weeks of planning, packing and getting things in order, today’s the day that the Hankey clan head off on a 2 week adventure that comes in 2 parts.

Part 1 – Souled Out Cymru

I am privileged to be one of the speakers at Souled Out again this Summer. Souled Out is a youth camp for young people that takes place in Bala, North Wales. Bala is my spiritual homeland (I was saved there 20 years ago this summer!) And Souled Out is a cracking youth event. I really enjoyed my time there last summer, as did my family who will once again be coming with me.

My involvement at Souled Out includes preaching a 3 part series and taking several seminars for the boys on sexual purity and godly living. Who knows I might even bust a rap or two as well!! Michelle is also going to be taking a seminar for the girls which I’m buzzin’ about cos she’s got a great heart and gift for communicating gospel truth to young women. We’ll also hopefully get out and about in the beautiful North Wales countryside at various points, which is always good for the soul. One of the things I’m most looking forward to is meeting old friends and church leaders from around Wales. I’m especially looking forward to hanging out with my old friend Jonathan Thomas from Ammanford and sitting under his preaching for a bit.

Please do pray for us a family this week – that we will be well used and well rested and refreshed. Pray for the kids especially that they remain free of sickness and tantrums! And please also pray for our travelling – the weather is mingin’ today!

The Souled Out phase will take us through to Friday, after which we’ll be jumping on a ferry and heading across to the emerald isle and heading off to the coast of Northern Ireland. More about that next week.


Meet the Jones’…all 3 of them!

So in just a few months time, a journey that began on Twitter (of all places) will reach it’s conclusion as the wonderful Jones family make the huge, almost insane, move from the coast of Florida to the Welsh valleys. This journey has taken several years, 2 trans-Atlantic visits and A LOT of Skype-ing! Caleb and Crystal are coming over with a view to planting churches with us. More about that in future posts.

This post, however, is to simply celebrate the fact that they won’t be coming alone…

[vimeo 43613151]


To find out more about the Jones’ and how you can support them here.