Over the years I have written lyrics for worship songs and rap tracks and have even had the privilege of recording some of them. You can check out some of it below:

Lyrical Liturgy

Lyrical LiturgyThis is my latest release and my first full album. Produced by MakMizzle and featuring him, alongside a host of other artists including Cath Woolridge, Stephen the Levite, Ofemi, 2V, Mighty Mouth and my wife, Michelle, I am really thrilled by the finished product and the way that Lyrical Liturgy has been received.

You can download Lyrical Liturgy for FREE at my NoiseTrade page here.


Two Roads EP

My latest grime EP. By God’s grace it’s gone down a storm. Hope you enjoy it…

1. Two Roads

2. Bought With A Price

3. Deffro

4. Buzzin


Heights of Grace

heights_of_grace_sleeve_front_outerA collection of acoustic worship songs that were written during our time in St.Mellons and recorded in Tim Sparks‘ bedroom. While I wrote 8 of the 10 tracks I only sang on 2 (and one of them was backing vocals) because my singing voice is ropey to say the least!

1. Overflow

2. Not Unto Us

3. By The Blood of Jesus

4. Heights of Grace

5. Precious Jesus

6. Your Word

7. King of the Cross

8. Behold the Lamb

9. You First Loved Us

10. Twixt Gleams of Joy and Clouds of Doubt


Inspire Songwriters

inspiresongwriters_w218pxA 5 track E.P that represents Ignite‘s first venture into the world of recording worship music. I only wrote 1 of the tracks – a youthy little number called ‘All’ that I wrote on holiday in Pembrokeshire. I gave the track to my good friend Tim Bannister who rocked it up considerably and it’s now used regularly at Ignite events.

1. All

Truemcee E.P

ep cd iconHaving given up rapping in 1999, I picked up the mic again after moving to St.Mellons in a bid to communicate the gospel to ruffneck youths who wouldn’t otherwise listen to me. Truemcee E.P consists of 5 grime tracks that were written over the last 18 months and are primarily aimed at young people and young offenders.

You can read the Cross Rhythms review here.

1. Tru Barz

2. Another Day

3. My Girls

4. Unashamed

5. What I Do


SNL – Urban Revolution

SNLSNL is a Christian breakbeat/rap group that I formed with my best mate Luke Hodge back in the 1990’s. Urban Revolution was our debut E.P and proved to be the only material we ever recorded. These tracks are dated, so please forgive their cheesiness! However, they should give you a glimpse into what was going on in my life back in the day! You can also click this link will take you to a (humbling/honest) review that Urban Revolution received from Cross Rhythms.

1. Urban Revolution

2. Psycho

3. Tears

4. Truth

5. King

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